Piece 45

Eyes On Me
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“That was fun.” Seungri uttered and wrapped the coat closer to his body. Night in London is so cold, it felt like it’s winter. “Thank you for bringing me along.”

“It’s okay. It would’ve been boring to go alone.” Jiyong answered him.

“You knew almost everyone there – doubt you will feel bored.” Seungri commented.

They went to one of the afterparty after the fashion show and they had a couple drinks, danced with a couple people. It was a fun party. Seungri never went to fun party like that since Yohan’s circles are more to a professional settings and formal events.

Jiyong suggested that they walked back to the apartment to clear their head more. They weren’t drunk – just a little tipsy. They can still walk straight. Plus, the apartment isn’t that far and it’s nice to see London from the sidewalks instead of from a car’s window.

Seungri had on a coat he got from one of the brand they saw today. It was thick and warm so he hugged it close to his body while he and Jiyong walks side by side in silence enjoying the sceneries. They weren’t awkward but they were still not that close to each other to make a conversation. Although, it was late, there are still people walking around and there are still shops that are open – mostly cafes.

He and Jiyong both got a cup of hot cocoa on the way and Seungri enjoyed the hot drink specially on this weather – cupping it tightly between his palms.

“So, how long did you live here?” Seungri asked to break the silence.

“A couple years. I don’t really remember but less than five years. I’m not sure. I live like a nomad so I moved around a lot.” Jiyong shrugged.

“But you lived here long enough to buy an apartment.” Seungri commented.

“Yeah, I had a collaboration with some people and that required me to stay here for around a year, I thought I will just rent but I kind of ruined the place so I has no choice but to buy it.”

“Ruined it? How?”

“Paint. The smell and the mess. I might’ve also broken a couple glasses.” Jiyong replied before taking a sip of his drink.

“What did you do?” Seungri asked.

“I had too much stuff and the studio they gave me was so small so some

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