Piece 44

Eyes On Me
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“Ah, you’re already awake.” Dr. Soo walked in with a nurse following behind him with a trolley of hospital supply. “How are you feeling this morning?”

Honestly, he felt like but just like any prideful boy his age, he couldn’t bring himself to be honest.

“I’m better.” He answered instead, choosing to answer it with a slight truth.

He has been feeling like a bus ran onto him and his head being banged on a solid metal. That was an exaggeration, of course. However, he was feeling better than he did yesterday or the day before when he woke up but his mother just had to give him a piece of her mind and gave him a headache earlier. He ended up kicking her out, well his father did but only after he saw the way he groaned in pain.

“As I told you before, your injuries are mostly on your body. So, you will need a lot of rest. I’ll write up a letter to let your school know.” The doctor said as he writes something on his board and Jiyong was feeling just like he advised, he wants to take a rest. His body was demanding to be shut down.

“Can I have a higher dose of painkiller? My back is hurting so much, I couldn’t sleep.” Jiyong requested before the doctor took his leave.

“Sure. I’ll let the nurse know.” The doctor nodded in acknowledgement.

“When can I go home?” Jiyong asked just like everyone that’d stayed in a hospital before. The place is not the most peaceful place and definitely not the most fun as well.

“A couple more days, until we are sure you are stable enough.” The doctor answered with a kind smile.


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