Piece 43

Eyes On Me
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“Did I do this right?” Seungri asked feeling unsure as he emerges out of the bedroom. They were getting ready to go to the fashion show and Jiyong had given him a shirt to wear but the shirt was rather hard to be worn since they are not your normal symmetrical shirt. “This doesn’t look right.”

“I think your arms should go inside the other holes.” Youngbae commented and Seungri admits, he might be right because the upper part of the shirt was too tight and exposed to much of his skin.

“I think so too.” Seungri mumbled and wanted to turn back to go back inside the room but Jiyong stopped him with a hand on his elbow.

“Let me just,” Jiyong said under his breath as his hand reached up to fix the shirt.

Seungri just stood there obediently as Jiyong moves his limbs and body around, cranking them around like he’s a doll. All he could do was watch Jiyong the  whole time. The older had a  frown on his face and his bottom lips was bitten by his own teeth. He was really serious, Seungri was scared to even breath.

“Tessa, does this come with a ribbon or is it made to have the back open like this?” Jiyong asked Tessa, his friend, who is also the stylist who provided them with the clothes they’ll be wearing. He is now standing behind Seungri and he can feel the elder’s cold fingers against his skin.

“No, they don’t.” Tessa suddenly came toward them as well so now there are two people working together on how to put the shirt. “I remember the back being closed though.”

“I don’t think it’s supposed to expose this much as well. It looks unflattering.” He heard Jiyong said. The two were discussing in a hush tone and Seungri felt uncomfortable having two people staring at his back.

“Ri, did the shirt have its back open before you wore them?” Jiyong asked.

“No, it was closed.” Seungri answered.

“Did it come with a ribbon or any kind of string then?” The older asked again.

“No. I put on everything you gave me.”

“This is weird.” Jiyong muttered.

“I think there’s a hook…” Tessa mumbled. “Look here.”

Seungri doesn’t know what they discovered but hearing Jiyong responding to her in a cheery “ah, yes, you’re right.”, he assumed they’ve already found something to help make the shirt look better.

However, he suddenly jolted in surprise when he felt someone’s breath against his back. He shuddered and had goosebump rising.

“I’m sorry. Was I making you uncomfortable?” Jiyong asked with a chuckle.

“No, I was just surprised.” Seungri replied with a giggle then – feeling embarrassed that he got surprised by something so simple.

“Okay, I’ll do this quickly since you are ticklish. Just that these hooks are so tiny.” Jiyong said and Seungri can feel his fingers moving up on his spine. He doesn’t know if the older was struggling or w

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