Piece 42

Eyes On Me
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“I’m sorry but I have something to tend to. I need to go now.” Seungri excused himself before pushing back the chair he sat on. They, him, Daesung and Jiyong, were having a nice conversation with their cup of coffee.

Jiyong is an interesting man, for sure. Seungri didn’t expect Jiyong to be so friendly and nice to talk to, the way he said certain thing, it brings familiar tingles in him. So, he was reluctant to leave at first.

“Do you need me to drive you there?” Daesung asked.

“No, thank you. My driver is already outside waiting for me.” Seungri joked as he pulled his friend into a hug to bid farewell.

After pulling away from the hug, he turned to face the other occupant of the table and was contemplating on how to say goodbye. Should he just wave, bow or a gave friendly handshake? The choices are either too awkward or too formal.

“I don’t get a hug?” Jiyong asked but from the tone, Seungri could tell that he was just teasing him. So, he let out a laugh to ease the moment.

“It was nice knowing you, Jiyong. We should chat over a coffee again someday.” He gave the older a kind smile.

“You too. I look forward to working together with you soon.” Jiyong reached a hand out for him to shake.

“Oh, I almost forgot about that.” Seungri chuckled as he shook the older man’s hand. “I’ll see on Monday then.”

He quickly waved goodbye and left after his phone keeps ringing a couple time.

“Ri, do you need my number?” Jiyong yelled out and Seungri stopped a couple steps from the door before turning to face his direction again.

“Yeah, that’s a great idea. But I need to hurry so just give it to Dae and I’ll get it from him later, okay? Bye, see you.” Seungri replied before turning back to continue his way out.

Jiyong sat back down but his eyes continue to follow Seungri as he walks out and through the café’s glass of a wall, he saw him getting inside a black car.

“Oh, it’s Yohan.” Daesung stated.

“Who’s Yohan?” Jiyong feinted cluelessness as he watches the car drove away - le

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