Piece 41

Eyes On Me
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“I’m sorry for Youngbae. He could be an sometimes.” Jiyong apologised as they walked side by side to nowhere in particular. He just wanted to show the younger around before they got down to the real reason why they were in London.


“It’s okay. It’s not a big deal.” Seungri gave him an assuring smile as he pulled his jacket righter.

“Are you cold? Here.” Jiyong saw the way the younger was shivering so he pulled his own jacket off to give it to him.

“Oh, no. It’s okay. You are probably cold yourself. You should cover up too.” Seungri said as he placed the jacket back on Jiyong.

“It’s alright. I used to live here so it’s not that bad.” Jiyong uttered as he held the jacket open for the younger.

“Thank you.” Seungri expressed his gratitude as he put his arms through the holes.

“Your welcome.” Jiyong muttered back with an adoring smile on his face as he looked at Seungri cutely wrapped in thick layers of clothing. .

“Borough Market?” Seungri read the sign with confusion.

“Uh?” Jiyong scratched his head. “I don’t really know where I should take you but when I used to live in London, I enjoyed going here every weekend and shops. Maybe we should go to Harrods instead-”

“No, this is fine. I don’t like going to fancy places anyway.” Seungri stopped the older with a hand on his arm before he could turn back to walk away from the market entrance.

“Really?” Jiyong brightened up and Seungri nodded. “Oh, I know a few good shops here that you’ll love it.”

Seungri has his eyebrows raised in question but still couldn’t help the giggles as Jiyong pulled him inside and enthusiastically showed him around. Jiyong was like a child in a candy shop as he points to the stuff that amazed him.

“You should try these.” Jiyong pulled him towards a shop that sells different type of cheese. “Do you have anything that we can try?”

Seungri can tell that the person knows his stuff as he finely cut small pieces for him to try. He isn’t really a fan of cheese but he does like trying new things. Some were good and some were utterly disgusting. He would look at Jiyong and scrunched his face when he tasted a weird one. Jiyong looked calm as he bit into every one of them unlike him. Seungri is just not fa

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