Piece 40

Eyes On Me
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“Seungri.” She called softly.

“Yes?” He looked up from his cup of tea to the women sitting in front of him.

“You and Yohan have been engaged for quite some times now.”

Some time is a modest word to describe a 4 years plus another 4 years before the engagement, Seungri thought. But still, he said nothing and continued to look at her, waiting for her to continue her words.

“Have you both thought about any wedding plan?” She asked and Seungri wasn’t taken back by the question. He wasn’t surprise at all. Actually, he was wondering why hasn’t she ask the question sooner, knowing how impatience she can get.

“Mother,” Seungri begins by calling the woman, who isn’t actually his but his fiancé’s. But he had known her long enough and has been accepted by her, the calling rolled out of his tongue smoothly. “I just don’t think it’s necessary.”

“What? The wedding? Of course it is. It’s marriage.” She replied – baffled by she just heard.

“I’m not saying that marriage is not important. For some people it might but for me and Yohan I just don’t think it matters much. It’s not even legal here.” Seungri stated – trying hard not to sound disrespectfully frustrating.

“But you can still do the ceremony without signing the paper and the legal side of things. You can do the vow, the party, the rings, the-”

“Mother.” Seungri stopped her talking with a hand on hers.

“What about children?”

“Mother.” Seungri sighed.

“You are not getting younger.” She said and didn’t let the younger speak a word before she continued again.

“Look, Seungri. I don’t want to interfere into my children’s personal life too much but as a mother I can see when my children are in stress. He told me some of his problem and mostly it involves your relationship- don’t roll your eyes, I was the one who made him talked.” She scolded when she saw him almost rolling his eyes but managed to stop himself before he actually does.

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