Piece 39

Eyes On Me
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“Well, good morning, Mr. Lee. Do you fancy a cup of coffee or tea?” Youngbae greeted when he saw Seungri walking out of the main bedroom while rubbing on his eyes. After that talk with Jiyong last night, acting was the least he can do for his friend.

“I told you, just call me Seungri. I don’t think I’m older than you.” Seungri said as he walks up to the kitchen counter. “Coffee would be nice thank you.” He requested and the older gladly nodded before taking a mug from the top shelf. “Anyway, where’s Jiyong? Is he still sleeping?”

“Jiyong? There.” Youngbae pointed behind the younger with his nose since his hands were busy.

Seungri turned around with a frown as he saw the lump of blanket on the living room sofa. “Did he sleep there all night?” He asked.

“Well, I mean, you took his room. Where else would he be sleeping at if not there?” Youngbae answered with more question.

“I thought he was going to sleep with you or I don’t know.” Seungri mumbled, now feeling a little guilty.

“No one is entering my room ever. It’s my private oasis. Plus, he insulted my collection of scented candles once. Therefore, he is never going to step a foot in there.” Youngbae grumbled under his breath.

“Oh.” Seungri found the reasoning quiet funny and childish but decide not to say anything about it.

“Here’s your coffee.” Youngbae slided a cup in front of him before taking a pan out and other ingredients to make breakfast.

“Thank you.” Seungri quickly placed his fingers on the cup to warm them up. The apartment was  a little cold and he wonders if Jiyong is comfortable. But he won’t be sleeping so heavily if he isn’t so Seungri shrugged his thought off.

“Do you need help?” Seungri asked since he was a guest and the least he could do is help prepare breakfast.

“No worries. I got it.” Youngbae replied. “Did you have a good sleep?”

“Yeah, it lovely.” Seungri answered. Surprisingly, he slept well last night. He usually gets a little anxious when it’s a new place. When they travel, Yohan was there so there was a sense of familiarity. However, Jiyong’s apartment is new to him, although it doesn’t feel like it because there was the sense of familiarity that he looked for. The bed was also very comfortable so it was a bonus.

“So, Seungri. How did you meet Jiyong?” Youngbae suddenly starts a conversation.

“I was told that I am a fan of his works and by luck, he noticed me and invited me to one of his gala back

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