Piece 3

Eyes On Me
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“We have known each other for so long, you know, since we are from the same hometown and our sons were friends. I just thought maybe we can stay here until I get a place for us.” The boy watched his mother pleaded with another woman, who he has no idea who.

“We don’t have enough room in the house.” The woman said and even the young boy knew she was only giving an excuse. She even had the door only half open, in which only her face was visible. His mom said they were friends, so why won’t she let them stay?

“We don’t really need a huge space. We don’t mind sleeping on the couch.” His mother begged again and the boy can feel her desperation as she tightens her hold on his hand.

“I’m sorry but we can’t. We really don’t have any space left in our home.” The other woman stated quickly before shutting the door in front of their face. The boy looked up to his mother, who was looking at the door with dejection.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. I promise I’ll find us a place to stay.” His mother said with a tight smile before sweeping her bangs to the top of her head. She then walked away from the spot while  the boy stood there just staring at her slumped back.

“Seungri?” She asked confused after noticing the boy not following her. “Come.”

But still he stood where he was, confuse by everything.

“Seungri? Baby?”





Seungri jolted awake and was shocked to see his fiancé, Yohan, hovering over him as he looked at him in his normal concerned expression. Seungri groaned a little before trying to sink himself to the soft surface he was lying on.

“I thought we were doing well these past weeks with this nightmare not appearing.” The man commented as he took a seat on the end of the what Seungri deemed as the sofa. He looke

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