Piece 38

Eyes On Me
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Youngbae walked in the living room carrying a glass of water in his hand. Meanwhile, Jiyong was busy with the remote, flipping and changing channel on the tv. Or specifically, pretending to not notice the other figure in the room with him.

He can feel the other man’s eyes piercing through his side but he refused to acknowledge it. Youngbae on the other hand just kept staring – wanting to see how long could he keeps ignoring him.

At least 10 minutes had passed but still, the artist won’t even speak a word. Even the tv are playing some ty gameshow Youngbae knew Jiyong doesn’t like watching.

Finally having enough, Youngbae kicked the other shin with his foot.

“What?” Jiyong snapped and glared at him.

“What do you mean ‘what’?” Youngbae leaned and placed the cup in his hand on the coffee table before turning his body slightly to face the other. “You-”

Suddenly, there was a lump on his throat. It could only mean one thing – he’s furious. Jiyong is not afraid of anybody, especially not Youngbae. But, that’s because the older rarely gets angry over anything. So, it’s bad if he is now.

“You went missing, out of the radar from me for months. Then, the next news I got is that you are back in Korea. You could’ve told me but no, I had to hear from Seunghyun hyung. You know I hate talking to that dude. He talks in riddles and I know he’s a big figure in the art industry but damn that dude should stop talking like it’s a poem. Anyway, not the point.” Youngbae took a second for a breather before continuing again. “You were in Korea. Fine. At least there was Seunghyun hyung that looks after you. Fine, I guess. Then, called to ask about you, he said you left again. To where? Nobody knows. The next phone call I get is someone telling me he’s coming back to London.”

“I was working, Bae. I know how to put my own schedule too. I did it before I hired you.” Jiyong groaned – feeling too old to be lecture.

“I know but you are- ughh.” Youngbae rubbed his head in frustration. “Most of your appointment are made through me. I have to cancel and put some on hold because I don’t know where you are and what you have in plan for yourself. I wouldn’t be so stressed out by you going anywhere if I know. But, at least you are back to working again. I guess that’s good.”

“Still, that’s not really what I want to talk to you about.” Youngbae looked at him seriously. “Seungri?”

“Seungri.” Jiyong repeated because Youngbae asked.

“What-? How?” Youngbae questioned but Jiyong only answered him with a shrug. “Don’t do this to me, Jiyong.” He grumbled. “I watched you- you nearly die in my arms because- when he left- I almost lost my friend because he left you hours before his wedding.”

“Jiyong, I think maybe-”

“No, Bae. He’ll come. He promised.”

Youngbae remembers standing in the end of the ‘altar

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