Piece 37

Eyes On Me
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“God, that was so long.” Seungri grumble as he walks down Heathrow hallway with his fingers buried in his hair.

“Are you okay? You seem pale.” Jiyong asked in concern before going in his pocket for something.

“Huh? Yeah, I’m okay. Just my head, the jetlag.” Seungri smiled in assurance.

“Have this candy. It’ll help make you feel better.” Jiyong offered and Seungri gladly took it. It was mint flavour so it tasted refreshing.

“Should we call a cab?” Seungri asked as they stepped out of the airport.

“No, I’ve called someone to pick us up.” Jiyong said as he looked around the area for someone. “There he is.”

As soon as the older said that, Seungri saw a man running or jogging to where they are standing. Seungri saw the way the man halted a solid minute on his step when he saw them but then act like nothing happened as he walked to where they were. Jiyong and him shared a quick handshake before Jiyong turned back to introduce them.

“Bae, this is my boss, Mr. Lee.” Jiyong said.

“Boss?” The Bae guys questioned in confusion. “Are you . . .”

Seungri wanted to rolled his eyes at the introduction but he held it back in politeness of meeting a stranger. So instead, he reached out a hand to the man.

“Hi, I’m Seunghyun. Please just call me Seungri. Jiyong and I work together.” He greeted but he still received no response back as the man looked over at him in stun. Jiyong nudged his shoulder at him before the man snapped back to reality.

“Aren’t you-”

“Bae. Don’t, he’s not.” Jiyong mumbled under his breath, quiet enough for Seungri not to hear.

“What do you mean he’s not? I watch you-”

“Please. I’ll explain later. Just act like you don’t know him.” Jiyong whispered.

“Yeah, I’m sorry.” The man apologized after he was done glaring at Jiyong. “Hi. I’m Youngbae. I work with Jiyong.” The man uttered as he fin

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