Piece 35

Eyes On Me
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“No, Jiyong.”

“But mom.” Jiyong pleaded.

“No. You had just move to a new school 3 months ago and now you are asking to be transfer again?” His mother scowled with her hands on her waist and a frown on her face. “I agreed with you before because you said coach Cho was retiring and you want to play better football. And now you are telling me you want to move again?”

“But mom, this is a renowned art school. Not many went there to study.” Jiyong said while toying with the offer letter in his hands.

“Of course not because it’s expensive, Ji.”

“It’s just a little bit pricier than normal school fee.” He replied back.

“It’s twice the price, Jiyong, not ‘a little bit more’.” The woman huffed before taking the bridge of her nose in between her finger and ran it up and down, resulting in a red line.

“But I really want to go.” Jiyong pleaded with a small voice. He heard his mother sighed but said nothing else.

“Do you really want to go?” His father, who has been sitting there quietly the whole time, finally said and Jiyong didn’t hesitate before nodding vigorously. He watched the old man pick up the offer letter and looking through it again before placing it back down on the table. “Do you promise that went you get there, you will take care of yourself and get a good grade?”

“I promised.” Jiyong swore without thinking twice. He even put his hand up in promise.

“Fine. You can go.” His father finally said

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