Piece 34

Eyes On Me
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The little boy looked up at the white ceiling with a blank eyes. He wants to think of something but his mind was empty. He had just woken up but he felt like he has been hit by a truck and another one and another one.

Where am I, he asked himself.

He could barely move his head, there was something wrapping around it. However, from his limited field of vision, he saw a mop of black hair. He couldn’t see the face but he felt the need to tell the person he is awake. So, he moved his finger or he tried to. He couldn’t even feel his own limbs but he tried. With willpower, he kept pushing just any of the finger up, making him sweat.

Just when he was about to give up, the head he saw moved and he doesn’t know if the person saw him awake now that his eyes are back to shutting down again. He tried to keep them open though.

“Seungri. Oh my God, you are awake. Baby, can you hear me? Baby.” He heard a woman’s voice.

Is that his mother?

He guessed it is. Why else would she be here, calling him her baby? Every mother would always be beside their children’s side.

Why does the place smells like medicine?

He thought now that he could barely see anymore.

His vision was getting blurrier and blurrier by the moment but still he held on. He didn’t even saw anything but suddenly their flashed in his eyes and some mumbling voices.

“Seunghyun, how are you feeling? Can you hear me?” A male voice asked.

Is t

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