Piece 33

Eyes On Me
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“What happened to him, Youngbae?” Seunghyun asked as they took a strolled down London’s street.

“ happened, hyung.” Youngbae answered as he bit off a piece of the donut.

“He had a such bright future. He even scored that art school, beating me.” Seunghyun sighed, at his ice-cream. Youngbae could only frown at the older eating ice-cream in London’s cold weather.

“It all happens because of the wedding.” Youngbae sighed.

“He got married?” Seunghyun stopped on his track in shocked.

“No. They never got to go through with it.” Youngbae said sadly, not stopping along with the older. “They were supposed to eloped or something like that. They were so stupid. They call me up at 4 in the morning and told me they want to get married in 2 days. I said no. I mean they can’t- well, I’m not stopping them from getting married. They were so sickly in love, it’s disgusting. They can get married if they want to but only idiots plan their wedding in 2 days. How about their family and friends, you know? You know what they told me, hyung? They said they don’t care. They’ll just tell them when they get back to Korea. I tried to stop them but it’s Jiyong and that motherer does whatever he wants to. Then, happens. He got sad and went into a dark place. He changed, hyung. It was scary. I don’t know what to do, he became broken. So, I reached out to you, remember? I asked for Kent’s number.”

“I sent him over to him because not eve

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