Piece 32

Eyes On Me
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“Yes. Pretty.” A boy complimented as he stepped back from the younger boy to see his craft.

“No, hyung. I look hideous.” The smaller boy whined as he pulls on the layers of shirt the bigger boy made him put on.

“What? No. You look pretty like this.” The older disagreed as fixed the clothes the younger had messed up.

“No, hyung. I don’t like this. I look like I belong in sesame street with all these long shirt.” The little boy grumbled. “And it’s hot, hyung. And heavy.”

“Aish, you complain way too much.” The older muttered as he helped the younger took off the clothes he put him in just now.

“’I’m not a doll, hyung. You can’t put me in any clothes like that.” The little boy whined some more as shirts after shirts were lifted off his head.

“With that cute face, Ri, you are a doll.” The older said.

“Ew, hyung. Dolls are for girls.” The younger looked up in distasted.

“Yah, you own a doll yourself. A red haired one.” The older scowled.

“That doesn’t count because Aunt Jin gave me the wrong present at the time cause she thought I was a girl and I don’t want to be rude.” The little boy said but the other knew those were just excuses.

“Ri, you put the doll together with your other toys on your bed. You love that doll, admit it.” The older teased.

“So what if I do? At least I don’t have a whole supermarket set that I play with myself.” The younger teased back. “Uh, that’s all. Yes. Will you

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