Piece 31

Eyes On Me
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“I don’t think this one looks great.” Seungri grimaced as he looked through the rough design Jiyong gave him today. Out of the 50 sketches only ten of them managed to capture Seungri’s interest while the others are either too simple or too expressive. Jiyong really like colour is one of the things he can conclude from this design and also a lot of mismatched ones. He is an artist after all.

Jiyong was looking nonchalant – like he is not affected by the comments but Seungri can tell he is upset by the younger’s rejection. He tried to hide it but with the way he bit on the inside of his lips, Seungri can tell he was holding his words back.

“It’s not ugly,” Seungri tried to make things better. “It just doesn’t fit the brand’s aesthetic.”

“I’ve seen your earlier design and they are pretty much the same with whatever outfit people in their thirties might like, which can be boring. I was thinking why don’t we change it a little bit? Might help widen our targeted buyer.” Jiyong suggested with his eyebrow raised.

“These are a huge change compare to our existing design.” Seungri added. “Plus, these are very . . . different and I don’t know if these will align with today’s trend.”

“Trend changes every day. So, instead of following a trend, a brand should be able to make their design THE trend.” Jiyong exclaimed with his arms wide opened as if it will help him prove his point.

“I just,” Seungri sighed.

“Seunghyun,” Jiyong called.

“Seungri is fine.”

“Ok, Seungri.” Jiyong rephrased. “It’s your first Fashion Week. There’s going to be fifty more designer there so you have to- no, you need to make an impression or else, no one’s going’ to remember your brand if every outfit is the same and has been seen by all the critics there.”

“But these are too eye catching.” Seungri whined, not the childlike type. If any, it sounded like a complain instead.

“That’s the point. You want to catch the eyes of the audience.” It was Jiyong’s turn to utter in desperation, seeing that the younger was not seeing eye to eye with him.

“It’s just that these are too off from the image of the brand.” Seungri scowled as he still trying to see what’s nice in the design. Okay, they do look nice but they just don’t look appealing for him.

“Because we need to create something different.”

“It’s just-”

“Okay guys.” They finally stopped bickering after hearing another voice in the room. Both men turned their head to the voice only to see another girl from the design team sitting there the whole time. “Wanna hear my says in this matter?”

“Another head would be great.” Seungri sighed.

“Well, boss. I do see your point, it’s too eyes catching- but,” The girl immediately said after noticing Jiyong rolling his eyes in annoyance. “But, I do believe a new

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