Piece 2

Eyes On Me
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“Hi, there.” Jiyong greeted the boy sitting on the side bench alone while writing something in his notebook. The boy looked up at him in surprise, eyes wide in response.

Jiyong has been seeing the boy sitting alone every day on the bench beside the field ever since he had started watching the players practise afterschool. He never approached and talk to him. Instead, he just sat on the audience seat and watched the boy write or draw something on his notepad while also watching the football team train. The boy never joined or play with the team though. He was just sitting there and when training is over, he would hand out water and towel for the boys – like he is their servant.

He was tasked to watch the players train since he was a player too before his accident but the scrawny boy sitting on the bench caught his attention instead as if he knew him but not as the same time.

After a few days of watching and staring, Jiyong decided to make his presence known one day.

“Hi.” Jiyong repeated as the boy was still looking at him in surprise.

“Hello.” The boy greeted him back with a tight bow after waking up from the shock.

“I’m Jiyong.” Jiyong reached a hand out as a formal introduction.

“Oh, you are the one with the head injury.” The boy pointed out immediately after realising who Jiyong was.

“Yeah, that happened.” Jiyong scratched the back of his neck with a sheepish smile before taking a seat beside the boy. “And you are?”

“Seunghyun but people call me Seungri.” The boy bowed his head again, being too polite in Jiyong’s opinion.

“Are you a senior?” Jiyong asked.

“No, sophomore.” Seungri answered.

“Ah, then that makes me the hyung. I’m a junior.” Jiyong teased as he puts on his football gears.

“Ah yes, hyung.” Seungri answered awkwardly pushing his glasses up his bridge.

“Why are you not playing?” Jiyong asked

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