Piece 27

Eyes On Me
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The two men walked slowly up the stairs to the front porch. One too sad to speak, while the other one was not good with assuring word.

“I’m sorry for your loss.” The younger one chose to say like people normally do.

“It’s okay, kid. It was going to happen sooner or later.” The -in his forties- old man uttered with a groan as he took a seat on one of the chair on the porch. The younger one had no choice but to sit on the other chair for curtesy.

They sat there quietly watching the wind blew on the big tree – making its branch moved side to side like they are dancing. They didn’t speak of any words until the younger felt like it has been silent for too long.

“I’m sorry to ask this but I’m just curious. You know she was going to die but you still chose to pay thousands for her treatment and wedded her anyway. All that but you barely spend a whole week with her before she passed away. It’s just seemed like a – sorry for my lack of better words – a waste, no?” The younger asked in the midst of the peace.

“A waste?” The old man repeated but he doesn’t look angry at the word. “You know what’s a waste?” The old man looked over at him. “The time I didn’t spend with her.”

“Tell me, Mr. Kwon. What is love?”

Before the younger could even think, the old man answered the question himself. “Love is sacrifice, no? Love is a fight, no?”

“Love is letting go.” The younger cut in.

“Why is love letting go?”

“Because you want what’s best for the other person.” The younger shakily answered.

“Why don’t you be the best for that person instead?” The older asked making the younger looked over at him thoughtlessly. “Even when you bid fo

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