Piece 26

Eyes On Me
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“Mom, can I go to the washroom? I need to wash this paint off my face.” The boy, not so little anymore asked as he and his mother walked out of the stadium entrance.

“Okay, darling but be quick. Jangkun and his parent are already on their way to the restaurant. We don’t want to be late.” His mother said and the boy nodded before turning to the direction of the toilet.

“Seungri.” He heard his mother called so he stopped on his track and turned to face her again. “Me and your dad will be waiting in the car, okay? Do you remember where the car was parked?”

“Uh, I don’t think so.” The boy frowned as he tried to recall where the car was.

“It’s okay, honey. You and Junhye can waiting in the car. I’ll wait for Seungri here.” His father said and he watches as his mother and little sister walked away. “Ri, go quick. I’ll wait for you here.”

The boy nodded before turning on his heels again and took off quickly to the washroom. There was a line of people waiting but since he was only going to use the sink, he excused himself and slid in between the spaces. He can feel a few people giving him a scowl but he could care less. He walked in deeper inside the emptier part of the room where the sinks are located.

Thankfully, he has grown some height so he can easily reach for the tap. He took some water in his palms and splashed it to his face. Then, he rubbed on the part where the paint was stubborn and wouldn’t come off – making his cheeks turned red from irritation.

“Seungri.” He heard an unfamiliar voice called.

So, in confusion, he turned his head to face the owner of the voice since his name was called but he doesn’t recognize the boy standing beside him and staring at him with wide eyes.

“Yes?” The boy asked in confusion. The other boy was not wearing his school’s football team uniform. Instead, is wearing the colour of the team they were against today and the boy doesn’t have friend from other school.

“Ri, it’s me Jiyong.” The other boy said.

“Okay? Hi, Jiyong.” The boy uttered still in confuse.

“Don’t you remember me? We used to

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