Piece 25

Eyes On Me
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“Oh, my grandson. I missed you so much.” An old lady greeted her family at the door. It has been so long since they visited - if you don’t count the ones where they dropped by for a few hours just to check up on her.

“Hi, granny. I miss you too.” Jiyong said as he was crushed by his grandmother’s hug.

“Jiyong here wanted to visit you so much lately. He kept begging us to bring him here. His father couldn’t be here because he has works to do. So, it’s just us.” Jiyong’s mother said as they walked into the small home owned by the elderly.

“I just miss granny. The last time I saw her was last year.” Jiyong frowned.

“You are so cute, Yongie.” His granny pinched his cheeks. “Come on. I made rice cake for you. Let’s have it while it’s still warm.”

And so they all walked towards the kitchen after putting their travel bag on one of the couch. Jiyong was already salivating when he smells the food. His grandmother is very good at cooking and always makes good delicious food.

“Ma, I want to go see Seungri after this.” Jiyong muttered with mouth full of food.

“No. You said you wanted to come and see your granny. So, you are spending time with her all day today because we are going back to Seoul tomorrow. ” His mother scowled.

“But ma, I haven’t seen Seungri in years.” Jiyong mumbled.

“And he probably got new friend and forgot about you.” His mother said making Jiyong feel upset.

“Yah, Boyoung. Why would you say that to the kid?” His granny scolded. “There’s nothing wrong with him wanting to meet his old friend.” His granny defended and Jiyong looked up at her with bright smile. “But sadly, grandson, Seungri and his mother moved out of town a couple years ago.”

“Really? Why? When?” Jiyong asked.

“The kid got into an accident and he got hurt. It was so bad he ended in a coma for almost 3 months.” His granny said sadly.

“What- what ac-accident?” Jiyong stuttered.

“I don’t really know the details because it was never disclosed also the kid couldn’t remember anything when he woke up so it was never investigated.” The elderly woman sighed. “Some said it wasn’t an accident because he was found on the sidewalks and cars rarely drive past the place he was found. They said he was found bloody and bruised and looked nothing like someone who got into an accident.”

“Mom, I think that’s enough information.” His mother cut in.

“Anyway, those can also just be gossip, you know how people in this town is. Nobody really knew what happened except from him.” His grandmother said.

“That’s sad.” Jiyong commented.

“When I heard Shiye and her son were going to move to Seoul, I gave her your address. They had nothing when they move and as a fellow hometown girl, I told her to find you a

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