Piece 24

Eyes On Me
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“Hello, mom. Happy birthday.” Seungri wished as he hugged his mother who greeted him at the door.

“Thank you, darling. I haven’t seen you in so long, I thought you forgot about me.” She said. Although she didn’t mean it in a bad way, the words still offend him.

“Don’t worry, mom. I won’t let him.” Yohan said as he stepped forward to give her his hug.

“Ah, my future son-in-law, what would I do without you?” His mother exaggerated.

“Mom.” Seungri whined, feeling isolated.

“I’m joking. I know you won’t forget me. I’m too important anyway.” His mother teased. “Come on. Dinner’s ready and everyone is already waiting.”

“Don’t take her words to heart. She’s just teasing.” Yohan coaxed as he side-hugged the younger by his shoulder as they walked deeper inside the house. Although feeling upset, the younger still gives him an assuring smile, telling him that it’s alright.

In the dining room, Seungri’s step father and sister along with her boyfriend were chatting as they wait and the conversation stopped halfway as his mother announced their arrival.

“Look who’s finally here.” His mother said.

“Don’t blame me. It’s this man right here’s fault.” Seungri said as he pointed a finger at his fiancé. “He insisted that we should wait until the girl at the shop finish tailoring his present for you.”

“Why would you say that? Now she’ll know what I got her.” Yohan cut in with his complaining.

“She’s gonna know anyway. By the way mom, it’s in the car. We’ll get it later.” Seungri continued to tease the man.

“Hi, Hye. I didn’t know you are in Seoul.” Seungri greeted the girl with a one arm hug.

“Came down for mom’s birthday.” She greeted back and responded to the hug.

Seungri pulled away from the hug before turning to the man sitting beside her. Thankfully, back in the car, Yohan gave him a brief summary of the things he needs to remember before meeting the family. “Hi, Jangkun hyung.”

“Hello, Seungri. Nice to see you again.” The man greeted back with a polite smile and Seungri politely smiled back not really knowing what to say to the stranger.

“Hi, dad.” Seungri walked to the head of the table to give his dad a hug.

“Hi, son. I haven’t seen you in a long time. I thought you forgot you have a dad.”

“Can everybody stop making that joke? It’s not funny.” Seungri scolded and the tone he used made everybody in the room felt uncomfortable as they felt like they were being, in a sense, yelled at.

“You need to calm down . Come on, let’s sit.” Yohan whispered and led him to their seat.

“We are sorry, Ri.” His father tried to apologized.

“It’s, just, it’s fine. You don’t know better.” Seungri sighed. “Le

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