Piece 22

Eyes On Me
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“Hi, Seungri.” Jiyong greeted as he plopped down on the seat beside the younger and threw his bag together with the others’ on the ground.

“Hi, hyung.” Seungri greeted back with his usual friendly smile.

“Don’t you get tired waiting for Jangkun every day? Plus, he always stays back a little longer to practise by himself.” Jiyong asked as he put his socks on.

“It’s okay. It does get pretty boring but I’m used to it.” Seungri replied.

“Is your house far away from school? Maybe I can drive you home instead?” Jiyong suggested.

“Ah, it’s okay. I don’t want to be a trouble.” Seungri waved his hand in a ‘no’ motion to reject.

“Of course, you won’t be. I don’t mind driving even to Jeju island for you.” Jiyong said and added a wink at the end.

Seungri looked surprised and laughed uncomfortably as he realised that Jiyong was acting a little flirty.

“Also,” Jiyong mumbled as he looked around in his bag. “I heard you like this brand of chocolate. I don’t know which flavour you like the best so I got a couple of them.”

Jiyong handed him a few packet of chocolate and Seungri took them with wide eyes. He wanted to refuse the gift because once or twice is normal but giving it every day just seem a little suspicious. However, he has been craving these chocolates lately and can’t find them anywhere. So, he was really torn in between accepting or not.

“I’ll just take one of them.” Seungri ended up deciding

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