Piece 21

Eyes On Me
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“Hi, Mr. Lee. Someone’s waiting for you at the front. He said he is the new designer for your new collection.” Wendy, his assistance said with only her head in the room.

“Oh, does he have tattoos on his arms?” Seungri asked as he stood up from his desk to walk toward the front of his office to greet who he assumes to be Jiyong.

“Yes.” His assistance replied.

Without him noticing, his smile immediately appeared when his eyes found Jiyong, who were sitting at the waiting sofa.

“Hello, Mr. Kwon. Sorry that I’ve made you travel far here.” Seungri greeted professionally reaching a hand out for the famous artist to take.

“It’s okay. I do have a house near this area. This would be a good excuse for me to stay there now.” Jiyong replied just as bright.

“Shall we go in?” Seungri gestured at the inside of the office. “Thank you, Wendy. You can go back to your work now. I’ll take Mr. Kwon for a tour around the office.”

“We don’t have much in here at the moment. We are still growing our small brand.” Seungri uttered.

Seungri brought Jiyong along and introduced him to his team of employees aka the backbone of his brand. Jiyong didn’t speak much the whole time – just greeting everyone back politely. He also spoke about office rule. Not that there’s anything much. Everybody shall do whatever they want as long as they have creative flow going on.

“And here is your office.” Seungri announced as he opens the door to a room. “I apologize if it’s too small and not up to your standard but this is what we can offer for now.”

“It’s okay. You’ll be surprise to see the studio that they gave me back at the national gallery. It’s way smaller than this.” Jiyong chuckled quietly as he went to his desk.

“Really?” Seungri questioned with a quirk of an eyebrow.

“You would’ve tho

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