Piece 20

Eyes On Me
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Youngbae pressed on the door bell and waited for the home owner to open the door. With no sign of human in the next seconds, he decided to let himself it. He pressed on the password on the door handle and with no difficulty, entered the place.

“Jiyong.” He called out for his friend who he knows is here.

“Jiyong.” He tried again after no finding any soul downstairs.

Therefore, he climbed the stairs and found the person he was looking for was busy doing his work in his ‘studio’.

“Jiyong?” He called out carefully but the other man paid him no attention as he continues to work on his art. “Where are you doing?”

“Working.” Was the man’s short answer.

“I’m here to pick you up. You have a meeting with Mr. Danzel in an hour.” Youngbae uttered although he felt like he wasn’t welcomed in the room.

“Cancel it. I have stuff to do.” Jiyong answered not caring about the older at all.

“It’s about your next exhibition. We can’t cancel it.” Youngbae uttered but he receives no response from the artist who he knew he can’t force when he is in his zone like that. It’s not rare for him to be hit by sudden inspiration but Youngbae wishes it’s not on important days like this because Mr. Danzel is a busy man and it’s hard trying to book an appointment with the man.

“You can continue this in the car. We can’t postpone or cancel it.” Youngbae try again but still he was ignored.

So he did the only thing he knew wou

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