Piece 19

Eyes On Me
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Seungri threw his head back as he swallows the bitter taste of alcohol down his throat. The heat sent tingles down to his throat making him feel temporarily numbed. He stared at the bartender as he works on making some fancy drink he doesn’t even know the name of for the other customers. It was enchanting to see the drink flowed down to the unique shaped glass when ones are drunk enough.

“Hi, is this seat taken?” He heard someone asked so he turned his head to his right where he heard the voice came from. A man stared at him with his eyes that were so sharp, he can’t help but shivers when he looked at them but he also can’t help but stare at them.

“Hi.” The man snapped him out of his thought with a wave of his hand. “Is this seat taken?”

“No, no, please take a seat.” Seungri cleared his throat after answering. He turned back to looking at the bartender as he felt embarrassed after getting caught staring.

“Can you get me your best drink? Thank you.” He heard the newcomer said to the bartender.

“I’ll get another shot, thank you.” Seungri added.

“Rough night?” He heard.

“Rough life actually.” Seungri joked followed by a couple chuckles.

“Don’t we all.” He heard the man sighed.

“I don’t think yours could be worse than mine.” Seungri murmured as he played around with the empty glasses in front of him.

“Test me.”

“Huh? I don’t even know you.” Seungri snickered and glanced at the man again.

“Isn’t that better? Confessions are easier when the one listening doesn’t know you.” The man smartly replied and Seungri smiled as he admits that the statement is actually true.

“It’s nothing. Just life I guess.” Seungri uttered with a tight smile.

“Come on now. You can be a little specific.”

“Well, uh, I got engaged last month.” Seungri dropped the bomb.

“I can see from the big diamond on your finger.” The stranger pointed. “But aren’t engagements supposed to be happy event? Why do you look like you are mourning? Do you not love your fiancé?”

“It’s not that. I do love him, so much. He is the world for me. There is no one else I imagine ever spending the rest of my life with. “ Seungri rubbed his face frustratingly.

“Then, why are you stressed out about it?”

“I don’t know. It’s just doesn’t feel right . . . I’m not ready I guess?”

“How long have you been dating?”

“Five years. Ever since our uni days and we just got done with university last year.”

“I mean it is too soon after you are done wit

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