Piece 1

Eyes On Me
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Seungri walked around the quiet gallery slowly as he glues his eyes on the paintings hung on the wall, attentively reading and analysing each piece. There’s a saying that goes, ‘there’s more to a picture’ and Seungri take those words seriously. Still image holds more meaning behind them because there are truths and lies hiding. People can interpret it how ever they want and it might differ from the way the artist painted them.

Some people might see ‘6’ and some see ‘9’. There’s no right or wrong answer. It is all perspective in the end.

“That is The Red Light by Zesukyah. One of my favourite works.” Seungri nearly jumped on his feet – surprised to hear a voice so close behind him. Once he recovered from his mini shock, he stepped to the side and turned his body slightly to look and put a face on the person’s face.

He was met with pair of very sharp eyes that was looking over his shoulder, at the artwork he was looking before. The man was thin and so is every part of his face – thin lips, thin nose, thin chin. It’s like God wanted him to be a female but changed his mind in the last minute.

“The artist said that one could see more details on it if it is seen under the red light. I do agree. It seems pretty dull under this yellow lights but for the sake of preserving the quality, we had to put in under this one.” The man continued to speak in that tone like he already knew Seungri for long.

“Is that so?” Seungri quietly murmured as he still has his heart beating fast after being surprised by the man’s sudden appearance.

“I must’ve had surprised you. I apologize.” The man chuckled before reaching a hand out and the sharp eyes from before turned soft. “Kwon Jiyong, I own this gallery with few of my friends.”

“Lee Seunghyun. Nice to meet you.” Seungri greeted back while shaking the hand firmly.

The eyes that were looking into his and the rough hand that was holding his, not to mention that whiff of cologne almost smelling the same as his, it brought out a serenity that he didn’t even know existed in him.

“Nice to meet you as well.” He smiled. “I saw you walking around. Did you saw anything that caught your eyes? Piqued your interest maybe?” Jiyong asked in friendliness.

“I was just looking around but I did see one at the front.” Seungri replied, now less tense than before.

“Let me accompany you around. Art is more fun

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