Piece 18

Eyes On Me
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“Hyung, where are you?” The little boy mumbled as he swings back and forth slowly since his little legs can’t really reach the ground.

Minutes turn to hours and the skies has turn from it bright blue to glorious orange. The crow was already making noises as they flew back to their nest and the little boy knew it’s time for him to head home. He has been swinging alone for the past hours waiting for his best friend to come.

With heavy step, he walked back home dejected – feeling sad that he didn’t get to play with his best friend that day like they always did.

“My, my, my, look who it is. Our little Seunghyun.” The little boy froze and tensed on his steps as he heard the voice, who he knows perfectly well belong to, taunted. His head was telling him to turn around and run quickly but his body was not responding. “Is he alone? Where is his knight in shining armour? Oh, he moved out of town? He left his little lamb to the wolves?”

“Go away.” The little boy mustered up all his courage to yell.

“Hmm? I think no.” The boy finally looked up from the ground and regretted it after seeing the smug look of the big boy and his friends around him. “Jiyong has been around you too much, we never got any chance to play with you. This is a golden opportunity, no?”

The big boy and his friends laughed out loud and the little boy was shaking on his feet, on the verge of crying in fear. Before he could react, his could finally move is legs and without any sense of direction, he bolt with all his little strength.

“You can’t run away from us, now little Seunghyun. Jiyong is not here to save you anymore.” The voice continued to taunt and the little boy finally broke down in tears as he tried to keep his steps fast and steady.

Did his best friend and only friend just left hi

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