Piece 17

Eyes On Me
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Seungri looked up to the many obstacles in front of him. Jangkun liked to use these padded wall and pretend that they are the people to train his strength. The other boy was busy collecting cones that they used to train with, so Seungri entertained himself by playing with the ball. He dribbled the ball over the padded wall like how he saw Jangkun always did whenever he’s self-training. It looked easier than done. Seungri’s legs were twisted in ten different angles as he moved the ball around the padded obstacles.

By the time he got through the last wall, he was already panting unlike Jangkun who usually immediately shoot from the spot. Meanwhile, Seungri had his hands on his knees as he gathers his breathing back. He loves football but he isn’t physically fit enough to play it well like the team’s players. Jangkun once told him that it would take years of training for him to get an opportunity to play for the school. It hurts to hear that but Seungri acknowledged that he is only fit for children football. Seeing the players training every day made him realise the painful reality that he was just not as skilled`.

Jangkun, who is the best player in the high school league right now had played and trained since he was 3. His mom said that he couldn’t even speak yet at the time but he loves playing with balls so they signed him up for training camp. Well, Seungri can’t even remember what he ever did when he was three.

After steadying his breath, Seungri looked up and tried to aim. Jangkun had another 3 padded wall lined up at the goal line. So, he either hit the ball really hard and knock one of the pad off or kicked the ball to the corner of the goalpost. Seungri would rate his football skill 4 out of ten. He admits, he is not the best, but he could probably beat an elementary school’s team.

“Just bring it closer and kick in between the wall. There’s no one guarding you anyway.” Seungri heard Jangkun said from the side.


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