Piece 16

Eyes On Me
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Seungri opened his eyes as he slowly woke up for the day. Through his sleepy eyes, he can see a blurry face closed to him. After he blinked a couple times and rubbed the sleep away from his eye, he can see Jiyong’s face smiling down at him in adoration.

“Good morning.” He softly greeted and leaned down to peck the younger’s lips.

“Morning, babe.” Seungri softly said as he stretched his limbs in a very uny manner. “Any plan for today?”

“I have few meeting today.” Jiyong said while reaching out for his phone on the nightstand. “I have half an hour to spare before I need to leave or I’ll be late.”

“Then take the cab.” Seungri uttered while sneaking both hands to wrap around the older’s waist, burying his head under Jiyong’s chin because he likes being close to his fiancé.

Fiancé, Seungri repeated the word again in his head and that made him unconsciously smiled and blushed.

“Ouch, babe.” Jiyong groaned when Seungri knocked his chin when he was excited to look at his engagement ring – making sure that he wasn’t dreaming.

The older rubbed his pained chin and stuck his tongue out to see or taste if he was bleeding, in which he is because he accidentally bit his lower lips when he was knocked. Meanwhile, Seungri was still staring at his engagement ring to notice his lover’s suffering.

“Babe, I’m bleeding.” Jiyong cried out with exaggeration just so his lover would notice him.

“Really? Where?” Seungri

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