Piece 15

Eyes On Me
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A man looked down at his watch and when the time strikes 4.30 in the evening, he stepped out of his car and locked it before walking with confidence to the very expensive and vintage looking café a couple steps away. He heard the bell chimed when he pushed the door open but no customer paid much attention to anybody coming in and out.

After scanning the place twice and as he had predicted from her usual scheduled visit, he finally saw his target and his lips drew up in a small smile. Taking a firm steps to where his target was sitting, he can see that the woman was not paying attention to him as she flips the magazine mindlessly. The man took advantage of her being alone on the table as he pulls the other chair so he can sit on it.

The woman was startled by his present, not because who he is but because she wasn’t even expecting anybody. The woman likes to be alone, as the man had concluded. Which isn’t surprising after knowing the life she lived by before.

“Excuse me but I think you are on the wrong seat.” The woman uttered as she sits up straight with confusion on her face.

“I don’t think I am.” The man uttered back while looking at her face the whole time.

“Well, I don’t think I know you.” The woman stated back but she wasn’t looking scared. After all that she been through, a stranger doesn’t scare her at all.

“Try looking more. I don’t think my face changes that much since I was a child.” The man said as he leaned back

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