Piece 14

Eyes On Me
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“Gosh, hyung. Get your hands away from my book. You are ruining my art.” The boy whined as he took his book away from the messy older boy beside him.

“Oh, Ri. You ruined you own art with the chicken hands you have.” The older boy teased when he saw the very stiff drawing of a tree that the younger boy was working on.

“Says the one who have been painting his paper with every colour he lands his hands on.” The younger bit back.

“You wouldn’t understand. It’s art.” The bigger boy proudly lifted his concoction up.

“It’s ugly.” The younger comment with a grimace.

“Arts are subjective.”

“Whatever.” The smaller boy rolled his eyes and continued to work on his drawing, feeling satisfied with his own.

“Yah, Kwon Jiyong.” The boy shrieked out when the other boy suddenly dabbed a red and blue paint on his sheet – ruining his perfect tree.

“It was lacking colours.” The older said with his lips threatening to quirk up in a laugh.

“Yah, Seungri.” The older boy now shrieked after the younger took some paint on his fingers and slapped it across the older boy’s face.

“Payback.” He cockily said.

“Come here you, tiny handed rascal.”





Seungri gasped as he opened his eyes, heart already beating with hundred beats a minute. He felt his body against a soft piece of cloth – tensed and frozen, too scared to move.

“Are you ok

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