Piece 13

Eyes On Me
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“Hey, babe. Welcome home.” Yohan greeted him as he walked inside the house carrying his bags filled his work stuff.

“Hi.” Seungri greeted back before walking into his home office to put his stuff away and emerging out not a minute later. “Did you have dinner?”

“Yeah. Was too hungry, I couldn’t wait.” Yohan answered sheepishly. “But I did save some for you.”

Seungri washed his hands before taking a seat on the dining table to enjoy his dinner.

“By the way babe, GD sent a new letter today.” Yohan said as he walked towards the table with a letter in his hands. He raised it up to show the younger before taking a seat beside him and handing it over.

GD is an unknown man who would occasionally send a letter to him. No, he doesn’t know who he is nor know how he looked like. When they first got the letter, it was so scary. Imagine receiving a letter with no receiver’s name and the sender has a weird name called ‘G-Dragon’. Yeah, sounds like what a serial killer would name himself. But Yohan took the risk and opened it. After reading the content, relieve washed over them.

GD was a traveller – as he wrote in the letters – and he wanted to share his story with someone – kind of like a pen-pal. So, he wrote a letter and send it to a random address. Guess, the couple was lucky. The letter was only a one way communication since there is no sender’s address. Another creepy point.

Well after almost 2 years, the creeps had of cours

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