Piece 12

Eyes On Me
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A man raised up from the bed and looked around the floor for his underwear. He did a quick work of putting the clothing back up his legs, followed by his pair of pants – disregarding his shirt for the time being. After that, he sat back on the edge of the bed and lighted up a cigarette.

Cigarette after , what a nice combo.

He calmly smoked his stick while watching the sunset between the skyscrapers the city has.

“Gosh, you could’ve at least opened the window or the door of the balcony.” A voice from the person behind him grumbled underneath her breath.

The man chose to ignore her and continue smoking like the room wasn’t filled with smoke now.

“What a in piss.” She cursed. “How did my brother even tolerate your for so long?”

“Easy. He only gets to see the best version of me.” The man answered. “He only deserves the best after all.”

And she snorted at that – loudly and followed by a roar of laughter.

“The best? The best you said. , you, his fiancé, s his sister when you are bored. Dear Yohan, you are cheating on him with his sister and you have the nerve to call yourself the best?” The girl called out in disbelief. “Wake the up.”

Instead of being offended by her words, the man smirked her way before crushing the leftover of his cigarette into the empty cup on the nightstand. After that, he buckled his belt back but not before putting his shirt on and tucking it nicely under

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