Piece 11

Eyes On Me
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“Ugh, it’s getting colder these days.” Daesung complained as they walked inside a café – a little bit wet from the drizzling rain outside.

Thankfully there weren’t many people inside – just a couple of people in line and some students studying on a table. The café was located near a university so that explains why. It is also the same one they went to years ago when they were still a student in that said university. Till this day, this is still Seungri’s favourite café, probably because of the nostalgy he felt whenever he steps inside the café. Their coffee taste good as well but not great.

“It’s so cold, I want to get something hot. Cocoa seems lovely.” Seungri stated as he read through the menu.

After queueing for 5 minutes, the bell on top of the door chimed, indicating that someone just entered the café. Seungri, as the noisy person that he is turned around a little so he can quickly glance at the newcomer. His eyes met with the strangers causing a tingle to crawl up his spine as if feeling like he knows the person but he couldn’t pinpoint who and the person doesn’t look like he knows him, so he gave him a small smile before turning back around – facing the queue. Although his focus is to the front, he is still racking his brain, try to remember who that man behind him is.

“Oh, Mr. Kwon.” Daesung suddenly said causing Seungri to turn to see who the other was talking to. “What a pleasant surprise. Never thought I would see you here.”

Daesung was speaking to the newcomer Seungri just saw and he was speaking to him in a casual tone, like they have known each other for long. Maybe that’s how he knew the man. So still not recognising who the man is, Seungri just stood there awkwardly with a small smileas the two shook hands in greeting.

“Told you, you can just call me Jiyong.” This Mr. Kwon – as Daesung called him – uttered as he pulled his hand away and turned his hand to Seungri.

“Hi, I’m Seunghyun.” Seungri introduced himself as he shook the hand firmly.

Now that he was holding his hand, he can feel a gush – like he’s splashed with a bucket of cold water. The familiarity of it made his fifth finger twitched. He looked up and couldn’t help being entranced by the sharp eyes of the man. He couldn’t help but hold the hand a little longer as well – probably too long that he forgot to let go.

It was only after Daesung nudged him that he realised what he was doing and immediately let go before muttering a soft “sorry”.

 “Ah, Ri. He is the famous artist Kwon Jiyong. You went to his gala a couple weeks ago.” Daesung whispered into his ears in an attempt to help him but the introduction had made him look dumb for some reason.

"Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot stuff easily. Thank you for inviting me to the gala, it was lovely.” Seungri tried to recover his reputation with a very simple compliment but honestly he still can’t remember the man, let alone his gala.

“I’m glad you enjoyed your night.” Jiyong bowed politely at the compliment and Seungri hesitantly bowed back but only for a quick while.

“So, what brings you here, Jiyong?” Daesung changed the topic of discussion and Seungri was glad because Jiyong looked like he wasn’t convinced that Seungri knows who he is.

“Am I not allowed in this area?” Jiyong asked. It almost sound like he was offended by the question but Seungri couldn’t tell because there was some kind of mischief in his eyes.

“I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just that this pl

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