Piece 10

Eyes On Me
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“Seungri-ah, you can’t keep being so weak. You have to fight back. One day, I might not be able to save you again.” The older boy uttered while holding his bruising left cheek in his hand.

“Why couldn’t you, hyung? Where are you planning to go anyway?” The younger annoyingly talked back like the brat that he is.

“Aish, this rascal.” The other person pulled on the younger ear playfully.

“Hyung.” The boy whined as he holds his hurting ear.

“What if I came a minute too late just now? They could’ve hit you.” He uttered before muttering a ‘stupid’ under his breath.

“Ah, hyung. You meanie, I hate you.” The younger walked faster ahead before stepping into a full on running.

“Yah.” The other yelled out. “Come here you, ungrateful child.”

The younger screamed on the top of his lungs when he turned and noticed the other boy running fast and is closing up the space between them that he had created earlier, very quickly. Petrified, he picked up his pace but also giggled, happy from having just teased his hyung.






“Seungri, wake up.”

Seungri jolt awake with a gasp and was surprised to see his fiancé face being so close to his. Yohan was looking over at him in concern while swiping the sweat that had formed on his forehead and slid down his temple. Meanwhile, after realising he is awake, he closed his eyes and tried to control his

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