Piece 9

Eyes On Me
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“Damn, Ri. We are going to the Untitled Gala.” Daesung excitedly uttered from his seat beside him. He is so excited, he’s literally jumping on his seat.

“I still can’t fantom why are you so excited about this. I don’t even know who this Kwon Jiyong is, let alone his collection.” Seungri slumped on the car seat as he watched the people walking on the sidewalks. “And I can’t find his collection online.”

“Of course you can’t. His arts are very exclusive, only those he trusts are allowed to see them. If you need a little reminder, we’ve been to one of his gallery before. It was so good. I can’t believe you don’t remember. Even Yohan said he is one of his favourite artist. It’s a shame he couldn’t come tonight.”

Daesung was the most excited when Seungri told him about being invited to one of Kwon Jiyong’s charity gala. He was going to invite his fiancé as a plus one but the man had a last minute plan to go shopping with his sister for baby clothes. Knowing how the woman gets when she is refused, Seungri had to let Yohan go. Daesung, although wasn’t Seungri’s first choice, was glad that he got this opportunity. Never has he ever felt so grateful for Yohan’s noisy family.

“I didn’t know it was this big.” Seungri commented as the two of them stepped out of the car and walked on the red carpet laid in front of the national art centre. There were also a couple of reporters taking pictures and interviewing people on the way up to the museum.

“He is really big in the art industry and he rarely came back to his own homeland. So, they make a big deal about it every time.” Daesung explained as they walked up to the entrance.

They continue to walk and didn’t stop for picture or interview, knowing that they aren’t famous enough to be ask question. They showed their invitation to the scary looking tough man standing in front of the door and they were soon escorted to their seat.

Guests can already see the collection as soon as they walked in the door. The arts were hung all over the room as if they were floating on air. A quick glance can give that kind of illusion to the viewer and only if you stare hard enough, you’ll see the small string attached to it.

“Welcome to the Untitled Gala. I’m glad you could make it.” A man su

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