Author's Note

Eyes On Me
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This note is to let you know a few things. The idea of this story is to be read as puzzle pieces (each chapter will be a puzzle piece where at the end, when put together, will end up being the full picture). It’s something I always wanted to experiment with. So, every chapter will be short (very short compare to my older works). But fear not, I will update 2-3 chapters at once. Each chapter will have different scene. It is not timely put. Thus, it will get very confusing. I will not tell you the timeline (unless deem necessary). You will have to figure out whether it is the past or present. Every chapter is connected to each other but it’s not timely put. It gets confusing, I know. But the mysterious aspect of the story will be fun.

Warning! This is a nyongtory but there will be scenes where they date other people. I don’t know if that’s a warning but in a fanfic world apparently it is. Also, I wouldn’t say this is an angst but it is not very fluffy either. I will describe it as mellow, I guess. It’s not slow either because it jumps from time to time. That why I would highly suggest you to read it once it’s updated instead of reading it after the book is complete. If you read it all at once, you won’t get the thrill. But you do you.


New author's note

Even though the chapters might look the same as the older version, I would still suggest reading it because I tweaked every chapters and the details, please focus on the details and timeline

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