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 Life is all about meeting people and making a beautiful bond with each and everyone of them but it is not so esay for everyone some people don't know how to and some people don't choose to its the same situation with a girl whom u can simply call a narcissist

Being a self-made independent girl she is Monika doesn't want to show anything which describes her and also she hates being described by anyone "why would anyone describe me when they don't even know me? " 

when such a self-centered and narcissistic person meets a mysterious man who comes to wake her up from the bad dream called life pulls her into the mysterious world which shows her what exactly it is to love others. 

does it really help her change herself and what does the change costs? 






"Hi Mr.Smith !!" she talks into her phone with a sigh of relief after realizing the call on the other side was not directed to the voicemail, Coz it is obvious that the receiver may sleep at these hour "Uhh Ms.Grant?!! What is it ??" the voice from the phone is evident of sleep "Nothing, it is about the thing we discussed in the meeting today " she speaks very carefully "huh! what about it ?" the voice from the phone's getting impatient, "I think I found a problem with that " her voice is soft enough to point out a mistake from a client whom she is dealing with so that it won't hurt his ego " what is it ? I have already said it in the meeting today that I won't change my mind about the plan--" as if he sensed this coming he starts to speak hurriedly, "I don't want to change anything from the plan, you can do it as you want " she speaks with due respect " that's good, exactly that is why you guys are being paid, so what the problem exactly?" he asks with the authority "uhh you have a great plan i just relaized!! actually, you don't even need any creative director to lead this" she speaks with the sugar coated words which are absolutely on him "Oh you should have agreed in the meeting itself, I uslessly wasted my energy on trying to explain you" he speaks while laughing which shows that he is flattered by listening those words from her after the drama in the conference room of their company, by listening to him she tries to control a scoff which fails and escapes from her "so what I am trying to say is to continue with your plan without a creative director I mean "me" " she says with the same respect and softness filled in her tone "ehh!!?? what do you mean by--" before completing his sentence he comes to know that she is no longer on line to speak. 

"Awww I should have done this in front of everyone, whatever its his payback " 

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