If I Get to See You Smile

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He often pretended that he didn’t care; but only because he cared far too much.


Content Warning:

Mature ]

Implied Romantic (Can Be Taken As Platonic) Feelings Between Young Teenage Boys

  • Fandom: Squid Game
  • Story Number: 16
  • Series: Of Course, I Love You
  • Pairing: Cho Sang-woo x Seong Gi-hun (Sang-woo x Gi-hun) [SanGi]
  • Chapters: 1/1 Currently on crowdfund access while I’m on an indefinite public-posting hiatus. Cheers!
  • Status: Complete
  • Tags: (Implied) Boy Love (), (Burgeoning) Romance; Alternative Reality; Middle School Setting; Childhood!SanGi; Relationship Goals; Snippet of Life; Fluff; Hurt & Instant Comfort; Low-Key Jealousy; Holding Hands; They’re In Love But Don’t Know It; Most Romantic Best Friends; Tsundere!Sang-woo
  • Start & Completion: 2021/11/17–2022/05/13
  • Translation: Mapangiti Ka Lang (Tagalog)(more of a loose adaptation)

Glossary of Korean used:

  • [콜] kol — Koreanized pronunciation of the English word “call” (adopted from the poker term), used to signify that the person who said it is game—slang equivalent of “I’m in!” or “Sure!”, usually said to express enthusiastic agreement to a proposed course of action, basically anything involving any dare or bet that could result in a good story years later; can also be used for trivial pursuits, like when your friends ask you if you’re going to the movies with them, you can say “콜!” to mean that you’re in and that you’re definitely going


Sang-woo and Gi-hun are middle schoolers here (13 and 14 respectively), and if young teenage boys having romantic feelings (nothing ual)(yet) for each other bothers you, then, you aren’t my target audience so… I would strongly advise that you hit that 🔙 button and hurry back to your comfort zone because I won’t be responsible for whatever inconvenience results from your bad choices.


Squid Game and its characters, etc. belong to their respective owners. I own nothing except this derivative fanwork which I do not profit from.


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