Week Two, Saturday (Pt.1)

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Author's Note: 

oh i think im updating after exactly a month um.. hi! i had my exams these past days so i had no time to write, and they ended on 15th june so i started writing this chapter since then! i rushed this chapter a lot to get it out asap so the quality isnt that good, but i decided to seperate it into two parts bc i figured it was taking me too long to write a single chapter. also i didnt proof read so sorry if there are typos!

anyways, updates will be weekly! one or two chapters a week idk, i have four private tutors and cram school so studying is take most of my time, im so sorry!!! ill try to finish this fic asap not only for my annyeongznators but also winrinanators! with my current schedule i cant manage two fics at once so im sorry!

anyways, please enjoy! the next chapter should be out quickly and for the shippers, annyeongz and lizrei moments will happen even more often from week three when the characters have gotten more closer, hope u guys can wait until then!

“And how did everyone’s week go?~” Yujin sing-songs right when she enters through the small door of the classroom, skipping over to her seat in the back. There was a large contrast between sleepless Yujin from last week and the usual non-sleep deprived Happy go lucky Yujin today. 


Hyunseo puts her book down and slightly raises her glasses, “You’re quite cheery today,” She says as she watches Yujin literally jump into her seat and settle her backpack beside her table. “It’s because I have plans for today!”


The athlete finally looks up, and only then does she realize that there’s no one else in the classroom at the moment aside from her and Hyunseo. “Oh– the others aren’t here yet?” The younger girl shakes her head, watching her curiously before she asks, “Got a date?” Yujin frantically shakes her head in response, “I’m– I’m too cool for girlfriends and all.”


Hyunseo tilts her head, a teasing smile on her face, “Or maybe you’re just a loser with zero game?”


“You mean to say ‘less?’” A third voice says, and the two turn their heads to see Rei enter the room with her backpack slung over one shoulder and her camera stick wrapped around her other hand. She settles into her designated seat from last time and turns on her camera before turning around and facing Yujin.


“Hey, I’m not less! I have girls running around, begging to let them take me out.” Yujin tries to desperately convince them, and when Rei says nothing and just keeps recording her being miserable, Yujin grabs a crumpled paper on the floor (She’s sure she threw it on the floor last detention, and absolutely no one came to clean the room and pick it up) before she throws it over at the Japanese girl, who widens her eyes and quickly ducks her head to avoid the ball of paper.


Yujin pouts, “Tell Hyunseo I have es! I need to maintain my image in front of toddlers so I can be their role model.” Hyunseo immediately grimaces, “Guys? I’m still here?”


Rei, however, ignores both of them and tries to relay a made-up scenario to her viewers as she focuses her camera on Yujin and speaks loudly, “And as you can see, Rei-flies, SSOTE’s Girls Volleyball team captain An Yujin is resorting to violence after I declined her attempts at forcefully convincing Lee Hyunseo that she’s not less!–”


This time, Yujin almost throws her backpack at the Japanese girl with Hyunseo watching with a wide and amused smile on her face when Jiwon, Wonyoung and Gaeul enter the room like the Mean Girls trio. “Hyunseo, why is Yujin attacking Rei?” Wonyoung asks nonchalantly as she settles in her seat behind Gaeul. Jiwon goes around the tables and sits down behind Rei.


Today, they all arrived before 9:55 AM.


“Yujin being loud and Rei spreading false information– You know, the usual.” Hyunseo waves it off with her hand, she smiles before turning around to sit properly and go back to reading her book.


Wonyoung’s about to speak up again when the door of the classroom abruptly opens at lightning speed, and holding the knob is a panting Ms. Kwon Eunbi. “Ms. Kwon? Are you okay?” Gaeul furrows her eyebrows in concern. The woman nods? shakes? she does some kind of movement with her head in response before replying, “There have been some.. issues in the principal’s office– Definitely not things like a rat infestation.. and I have to go help! See you guys later!”


Then, the woman disappears in a flash, leaving the door ajar. Gaeul swings an arm over her chair before turning back to look at the others, “A rat–”


All of a sudden, Ms. Kwon is once again in front of the door while panting as she points a finger at the group of six girls, “And don’t try anything funny!” Then, she disappears like a ghost. The girls all wait for a few seconds to talk, just in case Ms. Kwon comes back; She doesn’t.


Rei is the first one to speak up with a grimace on her face, “If she doesn’t want us to try something ‘funny’– Why did she keep the door open like that?”


Gaeul shrugs, “She trusts us, I guess.” The only blonde girl in the room quickly taps her wooden table, drawing attention to herself. “What’s important is there’s a rat infestation in the principal’s office?” Jiwon’s eyebrows meet in the middle and her lips parted in worry– Yujin thinks she looks like a wet kitten.


“Why, blondie?” Rei starts with her classic evil Naoi Rei smirk and leans back on Jiwon’s table with her elbows. “Are you scared?”


You’d expect the girl to pretend like she doesn’t feel nervous, but instead Jiwon slaps her palms on the table again before looking at Rei with widened eyes. “Should I not be?! Rats run around faster than zombies– they chew off paper and clothes–” She points at Rei’s GUCCI denim pants. “And they will chew off your expensive GUCCI pants!” Rei’s elbows drop from Jiwon’s table and unconsciously grips the fabric around the area of her knees.


The other girls watch in amusement– They have never seen Jiwon so talkative. 


“And more, rats spread faster than a virus! The principal’s office is just on the floor above, they can infest any room in this school at any time..” Then, her voice gets quieter, more eerie, “.. Just how much time do you think we have left?” She leaves the whole group in suspense.


Rei lets out a nervous chuckle, Yujin swears she can see a streak of sweat forming on her forehead. Clearly, Rei is very concerned about her expensive GUCCI jeans. “Ha– you’re scaring me.. Blondie..”


(Yujin is sort of scared too. Can rats chew on shoes? She hopes not, she’s emotionally attached to her not-so-real Jordans.)


“So.. what you’re saying is that rats might infest this room and lead us to our doom without us being under Ms. Kwon’s care?” Wonyoung arches an eyebrow, seemingly suspicious at what exactly Jiwon is trying to imply. Hyunseo looks around nervously, “Okay..? What do we do then?”


Gaeul notices her nervous expression and her lips immediately stretch out to a large grin. “Aww, are you scared?” She reaches over to poke Hyunseo’s cheek. However, she immediately retracts her finger in horror when the younger girl opens and almost bites it. “Are you scared?” Hyunseo stares at her with raised eyebrows.


“Can we focus on the main topic here?” Rei immediately interrupts them. At this point, the Japanese girl looks more scared than the blonde. “Okay,” Yujin says after staying quiet for a long time, seemingly thinking of something.


“I have a solution.” She places both her palms on the table, Both Rei and Jiwon almost get up in her face, desperately trying to get a solution to their shared fear. Wonyoung sighs, “What is it?”


“Let’s sneak out!”




Wonyoung is quick to interrupt both the Japanese and blonde girl’s howls as she says, “Absolutely not.” Yujin pouts, leaning in just slightly more closer to Wonyoung while maintaining eye contact. (Wonyoung feels herself holding her breath all of a sudden.) “Why not?”


The younger girl pretends to be nonchalant about their close proximity, but it doesn’t exactly work when she averts her eyes to the ground. Hyunseo notices her red ears from behind.


“Because!” She starts, “I’m the student council president, I can’t just allow this.” If it’s even possible, but Wonyoung watches Yujin’s pout deepen and it’s actually cute if you think about it. “What happened to my partner in crime– Wonyolivia Rodrigo from the other day?” Yujin asks, referring to their little duet session in Wonyoung’s– and Yujin’s favorite room in the school.


Gaeul stifles a laughter, “Wonyolivia what–”


“We’re not sneaking out!” Wonyoung interrupts before anyone can question her nickname given by Yujin, “And that’s final!” Yujin, Jiwon and Rei all groan in sync. 


All of a sudden, they hear rapid footsteps from above and a faint and muffled, “They’re getting out!” Hyunseo scratches her head in worry, “So, we’re really not getting out?”


Wonyoung looks up at the ceiling, feeling a tiny bit scared herself before she looks at the others again, “Hahaha, no–”


“We’ll be back within an hour, just before Kwon’s hourly checkup!” Yujin suggests hurriedly, ushering Wonyoung to let them sneak out. Jiwon nods furiously, her cheeks red due to all the stress. 


Rei looks at the student council president with a determined look in her eyes, “Wonyoung,” Her voice oddly calm as she continues, “I’ll give up my left kidney for you if you let us go out.” Gaeul, the only one weirdly calm about the situation despite all the rumbling above, asks in amusement, “But why not your right one?”


“I’m more fond of it.” Rei replies. “It’s my emotional support organ.”


Yujin perks up, “Wonyoung, I’ll give up my lungs!”


Gaeul furrows her eyebrows, “But you need your lungs.” The athlete shrugs nonchalantly, “Never said I’ll give out the whole thing. Wonyoung’s getting only one of my lungs.” The short-haired girl looks at Yujin in disbelief as she monotonously speaks, “I’ll give up my ability to think.”


Rei narrows her eyes at Gaeul despite being scared to death, “Haven’t you done that already, you robot?! You just admitted to being programmed–”


“Okay!” Wonyoung yells when everyone’s bickering and the feet stomping above gets too loud for her liking, “We’re sneaking out!”



There were two exits out the building, the first one was through the main entrance door a few hallways away and the second one was through the large door in the gym. As there was a CCTV camera in the school’s entrance gate, the girls had escaped through the gym as there were no students around to be there and most of the teachers were in the Principal’s office. 


Surprisingly, Yujin had a key to the door in the gym in her backpack just in case she needed to blast out of detention.. For fun. Gaeul had asked her why she had it, and the athlete simply explained that she’s just so trustworthy as the Volleyball team’s captain that the coach couldn’t help but lend her a spare key for easier access.


(Then Yujin’s tongue slipped and they found out that the coach gave a key to all the sports teams captains, not just her. The girl still insisted that she was trustworthy.)


Currently, they are in the parking lot beside the school, in front of Yujin’s ride which they will be using to go wherever they want. Somehow, the over energetic puppy-like girl is the only one in the group with a permit to drive. 


Yujin fumbles with her jacket’s pockets, in desperate search of her vehicle’s keys while the five girls with her– specifically Hyunseo and Rei try not to drool over her vehic

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