My Husband Oh Sehun

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Kim Jieun wasn't born in chaebol family, but she lived in carefree life in happy family. She is young, talented and successful architect, who works in her best friend's company. She has perfect friends; she couldn't ask for better. 

Her grandma raised her as a perfect housewife. Her mother raised her as an independent woman, who can achieve everything she wants.  

Only thing she can't do is loving someone. she has never liked someone. Sure, she went to some blind dates, but she has never been in a relationship. 

Because of that, her parents and her dear aunt thinks she might be single whole her life, so they decided to marry her off to the most perfect man in whole Korea. 

And she is okay with that. 






Kim Jieun (25 )

The architect


Oh Sehun ( 35 )

The CEO of Oh Enterprise



Genre: arrangedmarriage, fluff, romance, . 

Characters: Oh Sehun, OC (Kim Jieun), Park Chanyeol and others. 

Warnings: no warning, I'll mark the chapter if it's needed. 


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