Destined Soulmates

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Destined Soulmates

Han Jisung receives the last will of his late parents, in which he is told to move into a big mansion in Seoul.
As he has lived in Malaysia for years and somewhat has lost total connection to South Korea, he asks his best friend Seo Changbin who lives there already to join him and move in together.

What they both don't know: There are already six other chaotic young adults living in the mansion.

Will they manage to get along with the others?


This is a SKZ-fic with a lot of ships!

This is a BL story!
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Things will get very crazy and fluffy here!
I will put up the Rated M filter only on the chapters where it will be about more than just hugs and kisses!
And by "more" I mean really heavy explicit scenery.

Also keep in mind, this is just a fiction and by no means is this how the real idols feel or act etc.
I don't own these people. I don't know them personally.

This is only for your entertainment!

Hoping for your sweet support with this!

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Main Characters - SKZ

Han Jisung

a.k.a Hannie (Hani)
14.09.2000 - age 22
*funny, cake-lover, introverted*

Lee Minho

a.k.a Lee Know (Lino)
25.10.1998 - age 24
*funny, random, cute*

Seo Changbin

a.k.a Binnie
11.08.1999 - age 23
*cheerful, whiny, lyricist*

Lee Felix

a.k.a Lix
15.09.2000 - age 22
*helpful angel, cute, sentimental*

Hwang Hyunjin

a.k.a Jinnie
20.03.2000 - age 22
*loves cute things, loves himself, sassy*

Bang Chan

a.k.a Leader
03.10.1997 - age 25
*supportive, strict, well organized*

Kim Seungmin

a.k.a Comedian
22.09.2000 - age 22
*clean, sarcastic jokester*

Yang Jeongin

a.k.a I.N
08.02.2001 - age 21
*clumsy, early bird, shy but not shy*

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Here, have some ship moments before we start!





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