a bunch of gfriend/viviz oneshots because i'm bored and gay

mostly member x member but i write member x fem!reader too


hello, my lovely readers~ and welcome to new readers! as you can see from the title, yes this a gfriend oneshot book :)


that means i also take requests!


i post specific chapters to let you know when requests are open (i also include it in the description)


rules in requesting;

- no , i'm not comfortable writing that kind of stuff :')

- i only take around 3-5 requests, depending on how motivated i am.

- when requesting, do it in 'requests open' chapters, not the oneshots! :)

- reference: "can i please request a *insert ship name* oneshot?"

- tell me the genre (fluff, angst, bittersweet, etc.) and the prompt if you have one!<3


i'll try to publish the requests within 1-2 weeks because i also write oneshots i want as well<3


that's all, have fun reading!


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oh wow this is really interesting
Chapter 2: This is cute. So fluffy
Kpopstan66 #3
Chapter 4: Excited for these upcoming stories!
Chapter 3: may I request for wonrin, just recently watched the clip of Yerin's radio guesting where she mentioned that Sowon gave her the nickname Yennie which she likes and even said "Kim Sojung I love you jjang!"on air, I instantly miss the unnieline 🥺
Chapter 2: Just read and caught up! Both are very cute and fluffy stories :)
LilChouette #7
Chapter 2: Aww how adorable they are! Love the dual personality SinB has XD
Merz_1991 #8
Chapter 3: Request for Sinrin story please caused I like them and I really missed them together 😭😔
LilChouette #9
Chapter 1: Omo this is so cuteeee 😆
Can you make a story for gfriend's top ship "sinrin" authornim?? Thank you in advance..