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rules and regulations
01. subscribe. upvotes are well appreciated.

02. this is a agency. muns and faceclaims born after 2002 are banned.

03. no dating ban, move in couples are welcome.

04. unlimited tcc/cc. max duration of a tcc is 7 days. no tweet count or cooldown period needed.

05. dm base if you need a semi hiatus (sh) or a hiatus (h). there's no limit to when these will end but do let us know when you'll be returning. for sh's, please be active once every 72 hours.

06. reach 50 tweets upon arrival, please ask for an extension if you need one. no activity in 48 hours will result in an uv.

07. please return within 24 hours if your account was suspended. notify us via twt or aff if you cannot do so. 

08. we reserve the right to reject any application that we deem unsafe, inappropriate, or if you'd had a history of poor behavior with us. make sure your aff account is unlocked and at least 7 months old.

09. we will operate on a 3 strike system. the 3rd strike will result in a ban. however, in specific situations i.e. ual assault, , and anything of a grave degree, a ban will be issued immediately. put your favorite scent as the last part of the application. 

10. have fun, please respect everyone. talk to the admins if you need absolutely anything, we're here for you.
how to join
01. check the masterlist to see if your faceclaim is available. we only accept people who have been or are in the korean entertainment industry. no models.

02. deceased, married, and faceclaims involved in heavy scandals are banned. check our carrd for more info. 

03. you have 24 hours to make your account after being accepted. reused accounts are fine as long as old tweets are cleaned.

04. format for handles is @(name)mds or @mds(name). please use the fc's stage or first name. no initials.

05. special fonts that cannot be read by assistance apps are banned. we're aiming for inclusivity.
idol name + GrouP:
wonwool: complete exo esp d.o. complete got7 esp bambam & yugyeom. complete apink & cix. all of svt! 
eunwoo: complete astro. sf9 esp taeyang. nct esp yangyang & hendery.
baekhyun: complete exo & viviz. wants an oomf.
winwin: complete nct..
jeno: complete nct. billie's moon sua.
mingyu: complete svt.
eunha: complete viviz. nct's kun.
i.m: complete monsta x. 
bomi: sf9's hwiyoung.
jeonghan: complete svt. mamamoo's hwasa.
taken reserved00
ateez: san.
blackpink: rose. jennie. lisa. jisoo.
cix: jinyoung.
dreamcatcher: siyeonjiu.
exo: kai.. sehun.
fromis9: saerom.
gidle: miyeonyuqi.
itzy: ryujinyeji. 
kepler: xiaoting.
le serrafim: sakura
monsta x:  minhyuk. i.m.
nct: jeno. taeyong. winwin. jaehyun.. jungwoo. johnny03.
oh my girl: yooa.
red velvet: joy. yeri.
svt: hoshi. dino. scoups. mingyu. wonwoo. the8. woozi. jeonghan. vernon.
sf9: rowoon. taeyang.
stray kids: bangchanlee know. hyunjin.
the boyz: eric. sunwoo. chanhee. new. hyunjae. juyeon.
twice: sana. nayeon.
viviz: eunhasinb. 
weki meki: doyeon.

soloist: woodzjessihayi.
others: gongyoo. soojung.
event history
may 12: pre-res open.
may 15th: opening!
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