Mixer Up

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This year is it.

Ren is twenty-three, a college graduate with a nine to five job and her life is as calm and set as it could ever be.


It's also the time she finally decides she wants to go out and meet people in possibility that her v-card would at last be lifted.

A new popular dating app amongst the people her age called Mixer catches her attention and she sets up the one rule - the only rule as long as she is on it - Don't ever fall for any of the guys she meets on the app.


Sounds like a pretty simple and easy rule.



Ren scrolled through her phone to pick out a few of the recent pictures her friends had taken of her that she thought looked pretty cute. Hitting confirm, and - done.


Her dating profile on Mixer had finally been set up as she was taken to the main homepage and the first image of some guy popped up as she curiously tapped through his profile. Not looking for anything serious, casual preferred. To be very frank, she didn't find him that cute and sat there quietly judging him over her cup of wine before swiping left and continued to do so with a couple others until she stopped at a certain photo of the next guy that appeared on her feed. Kim Mingyu, 24. 

He had a great smile - she loved a nice smile, the kind where the eyes were in crescent shape with lips slightly curling up and as she curiously pressed onto the next set of photos that showed a couple of him outdoors, and a mirror selfie. His bio read, Last time I was someone's type, I was donating blood. Ren laughed to herself and took another sip of wine before finally deciding to make her first swipe to the right - instant match. 


A part of her felt delighted on the inside that she had made her first match and with someone that she found pretty attractive. It was her first time on the app and she didn't have the nerve to send the first message and continued to swipe through a couple other guys before she checked the time on her phone. 12am. God, was she really on this app for that long? 

Setting her phone down, Ren had decided to call it a night. When she had come back, she noticed a notification on her phone screen and saw that Kim Mingyu had sent her a message over Mixer and she felt her heart skip a beat in anticipation and small bits of anxiety.


Could anything more than the nights you just can't fall asleep?


She thought to herself for a second, wondering what her next move should be but decided she wasn't going to stay up any longer and would continue the conversation in the morning. 

Oh I know that one very well, fortunately for me I've had some wine tonight and I am ready to go to sleep lol. Good night! Hopefully you'll be able to get some sleep!  Love your smile btw. - Send.


With a small smile she placed her phone down and turned the lights off to go to sleep, a small voice in her head as a reminder for her number one rule as long as she was going to be going Mixer dates - Don't fall for anyone. 



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