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baekhyun is not, by any measure, date-able.


he’s dorky, he’s nerdy, and he does this weird thing where he snorts loudly every time he laughs.
in fact, he loves everything that normal people are allergic to — computer science,
collecting rare comic books, and birdwatching on the weekend.


given that you two have obviously nothing in common,
you find yourself utterly flabbergasted when you receive a letter in your locker,
on which baekhyun has written, “hi. will you please teach me how to date?”


there's a 99.9% chance this is bound to end up in flames. 





pairing: byun baekhyun x fem!reader

genres: romance, comedy, fluff, high school

au(s): nerd!baekhyun, popular girl!reader, (kind of) fake dating,
nope. no. there is no ing way i could ever be attracted to a boy that plays sudoku in star wars pajamas” au,
cute opposites attract (!!!), light mutual pining angst

contents: a cinderella story in which you transform baekhyun into a hot boy and start panicking bc you’re not supposed to be attracted to him but u are 
—or— you’re the popular girl with a thousand insecurities and baekhyun can see right through u

warnings: swearing, mentions of drug use, lowercase intended, some suggestive scenes :>

a/n: thanks for reading ! <3 


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