Bangtan Academy of Magics


"Every princess needs to fulfill her destiny or find a knight in shining armor"


Feeling defeated from the betrayal of her father Y/n is forced to figure out who truly stands with her. She retreats to a northern kingdom to search for her 7 protectors that are hiding in plain sight at a magic academy. Gifted with the ability to use her voice as a weapon, she prepares for war within her kingdom. Little does she know that this leads her to unknowingly team up with the true enemy.


Y/n Talia
Age: 18
Royal princess from the Talia Kingdom
Ability to/of telekinetic, telepathic, & uses her voice as a power




 Ayira Vito- Talia
 Age: 17
 Ability to/of shape shifter & practices witchcraft




Alora King
Age: 17
Ability to/of power replicate




Jeon Jungkook
Age: 17
Football Captain
Ability to/of heal himself including others, aura reading, creates shield & barriers




Park Jimin
Age: 18
Football co. captain
Ability to/of teleport & telepathic




Kim Taehyung
Age: 18
Prom King
Ability to/of amokineses (able to control the emotion of love and/or desire)




Kim Seokjin
Age: 19 
Drama club leader
Ability to/of illusions




Kim Namjoon
Age: 19
Class president
Ability to/of super strength as well as enhanced intelligence & other mental skills




Jung Hoseok
Age: 18
Dance captain
Ability to/of shape, create, & manipulate light.



Min Yoongi
Age: 18
A musical genius
Ability to/of manipulate shadows & has night vision

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