3 Identities of my Mysterious Wife


L.Joe is confused beyond doubt.

He isn't a flirt. He doesn't play with hearts. He is one of those rare men left that really believe in love.

But what is happening?

Why is he getting attracted to three women at the same time?

One a friend, one a crush, one an ideal lover.

What happens, when L.Joe falls in love with 3 Identities of his Mysterious Wife?



Annyeong lovelies! Goddess has a new fic for you!

This time featuring one of my favourite rappers in the whole Kpop industry: L.JOE!!



L.Joe was forced into an arranged marriage.

He is a man with ideals and he doesn't want to marry someone he doesn't love, but the situation doesn't allow it.

He makes a deal with his new found wife, to divorce immediately when the time is right.

He thought she'd scream and shout, she'd cry for the loss of an eligible husband, the loss of fame and wealth.

But no. She didn't.

She agreed readily and seemed more than happy to comply to his wishes. She didn't care if he didn't love her. She didn't seem to mind that she didn't get to live that fairytale life every girl wants.

She's the perfect wife, that's all to it.

Until L.Joe realises something isn't right. She's not only his stay-home wife that cooks and clean. She's not only the innocent and simple girl she seems.

Because this girl has dreams.

She lives another life besides the one everyone thinks she leads. She has another personality she never shows others. She strives to bring equality and fairness to the world.

His wife. His secret friend. His ultimate crush.

What happens when they're all the same person, and he's falling for all of them?




She's Lee Byunghun's wife.

That's all people know of her. The lucky woman who actually got to marry one of the most sought-for bachelors in the country, who married into the life of wealth and luxury.

She's Byunghun's wife. And she's his best friend.

Through an accidental incident, L.Joe and her managed to exchange numbers. She doesn't know that L.Joe is Byunghun, nor does he know that his secret best friend is his wife.

They talk, they laugh. They debate about all things in life, and they find similarities in each other. They ask for advice, they give advice.

They're like the black and white who seemed to oppose each other, but at the same time fit like a puzzle.

She's Byunghun's wife. She's his best friend. She's his crush.

She resumes a mysterious lead position in charge of an organization that fights the welfare for women, against men. She can't reveal her indentity for fear that men that don't like women gaining equal treatment would come after her. She's scum to men, but an angel to women.

She's idealistic, ambitious, and courageous. And most definitely hot.

What happens when Mihye finds herself falling for three different men as well, only to find that they're all along the one beside her all the time?




His Wife.

That woman that smiles softly and doesn't try any tricks on him. That woman that does everything a good wife does, cooking his food, making sure to lay his shoes before he goes to work.

That woman that's somewhat cute but distant at the same time.

His wife. His best friend.

That woman, the first woman that he could actually talk to. A woman who doesn't actually squeal in response to his questions even if it was on text, and able to come up with a complete knowledgable and intellectual response.

That woman who he could turn to when he wanted to talk about things that he didn't even want to share with his brother-like friends. The woman whom he trusts, even when he hasn't met her before.

His wife. His best friend. His Crush.

The first woman to make him really feel like devoting himself into a relationship. The woman who seemed mysterious and intriuging, who seemed everything he thought she was, but at the same time not.

The woman who had all the character and attributes he looked up to, the woman whom he yearned to meet but can't.

What happens when the confused L.Joe who thought he was falling for more than one woman, finds that they're the same one all along?





Kevin Woo: A butler in the Lee Household who forms a crush on their mistress, Mihye.



Qri, Jiyeon && Hyomin: Friends of Mihye.



Teen Top: Group of rich bachelors who are all friends of L.Joe.



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Chapter 70: Thank you for the wonderful journeyyy XD
Congratulations on getting featured!
good job!!
i read this story when i was in high school. Now im in my last year in univesity. always be one of my fav story.
i read this story when i was in high school. Now im in my last year in univesity. always be one of my fav story.
i read this story when i was in high school. Now im in my last year in univesity. always be one of my fav story.
i read this story when i was in high school. Now im in my last year in univesity. always be one of my fav story.
gooseberry #10
Wow congratulations on getting featured!! You're sure a Goddess of Featured Fanfictions :D