Short Story of KryBer

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Will be writing KryBer's fanfics only in this. In this story, Amber Josephine Liu will be a man and as usual Krystal Jung will be a woman. This is the first story that I have decided to publish other than SNSD pairing. If you feel uncomfortable with genderbender then I suggest you to not continue reading. I will try my best to write a good story so please look forward to it.


WARNING! There might be a happy ending and a sad ending so please prepare your heart! Also, I will put many fluff scene or sm*t scene too. *evil laugh* Thanks for reading and supporting! ^^




*All of the story I wrote were purely from my imagination, experience and lots more. I hope the reader won't take it seriously because it's merely fiction.*


 *Of course, I WILL NEVER ALLOW any Copyright for my story. Thank you.*





The list of the story:


1. My Heart Is Love - "I cherish only one girl in my heart for my whole life." - Amber Liu



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