open if you're gay. looking for a plot partner!


if you fc yeosang, wooyoung or hyunjae please interact. i have a current hyperfixation and you can help me get through it


hey there, thanks for opening this ad! i’m currently looking for a plot partner and a friend as i really miss the idea of plotting, so i hope i can find people that are willing to plot with me!

some quick info about me:

  • timezone: gmt+8; i mostly don’t tend to stay up very late, but there are exceptions occasionally. (i’m also a hag so sometimes i sleep at random times)
  • main faceclaim: tbz younghoon.
  • other faceclaims: victon seungwoo, sejun / sf9 rowoon
  • replies: sporadic. i’d really prefer it if you don’t rush me for replies, as i’m pretty sure that we all have our own matters to tend to!
  • plotting style: mirror lit / semi lit / lit para in 3rd pov; casual plotting is fine by me too!
  • platforms: discord and twitter only

what i’m looking for in my plot partner:

  • yeosang/wooyoung (ateez), hyunjae (tbz) fc with a mun that’s of age
  • be strictly ic;
    • the main purpose of this ad is for writing; i do not want anything beyond plotting partners unless for being friends
    • the server channels (in discord), dms, and brackets are there for a reason
    • on another note, we can totally casually talk outside of plotting!
  • able to brainstorm plots and AUs together with me before we write
  • mostly sfw; nsfw applies depending on the plot we have in mind (muse is dom/service top)

what i can offer:

  • me, myself and i!
  • free friendship! we can hang out together and have casual talk as well
  • random hangouts like watching movies/animes/mvs on hyperbeam, plato or genshin/valorant (asia)!

maybe i'll be able to update the list of fcs i'm looking for but for now, that's it. if you chance upon this ad and you’d like to give this a try, do dm me together with your discord tag or twitter user and you’ll see a request in your notifs!

thank you for reading and have a good day and week ahead!

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