Unkept Promises
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In the beginning Taehyung is ~15 and Jungkook is ~6


The sky is grey and it has been raining for hours. Taehyung looks over the counter to watch the people on the street passing the café he's working in. It was only around 4pm but it was already quite dark outside. A typical autumn day.


Ediya, the café he works in, wasn't particularly busy right now. He stands behind the counter and just waits for the next customer, staring outside and observing the people in the room. The guests were spread throughout the café, busy talking with each other.


Since he didn't have anything to do at the moment, he prepared a drink for himself. The Lemonade was the signature beverage of the café as well as his personal favorite. While preparing the drink he heard the entrance door open. He was about to greet the person coming in when he saw that it was a little kid with brown hair who entered.


The boy looked completely lost and wore sordid clothes. His whole appearance was a thorn in the eye for the clean freak. The child was drenched and stayed close to the entrance window. It seemed like he didn't want to bother the café and just looked for a place to stay dry. He didn't even look in Taehyung's direction and only stared outside. Taehyung wondered if he should do something, but he just left him like that and finished preparing his beverage. As he was about to drink it, he heard the boy sneeze. It's cold near the entrance door after all.


Taehyung didn't want to scream all over the café and slowly walked toward the smaller, slightly bowing forward.


"Hey, uhm-" The boy turned around instantly and cowered. He was visibly startled, if not frightened. Taehyung knew he wasn't the brightest sunshine, but he was also just a normal 15-year-old, trying to get by. Before Taehyung could continue the boy spoke up.


"Please, let me stay inside here! I've been thrown out all the other shops, but I swear I just stand near the door and won't bother anyone! I just don't want to get wet."


"I was actually planning on asking you to come a little more inside. It's really cold near the door and you're soaking wet. At this rate you will only get sick. There are many empty tables so just wait there until the rain stops." Taehyung smiled warmly at the boy. The younger seemed to loosen up while he spoke. His eyes grew wide at the invitation. "If you know your parent's number, I can also call them to pick you up."


"I don't know the number, I don't think my parents own a telephone. It's too expensive." This made Taehyung take a closer look at the boy. From afar he could already see that the boy wore old, dirty and sordid clothes. But from this near he could see the holes in the clothes as well, the oily and uneven cut hair and an overall damp smell. The thin beige jacket and ripped jeans surely not keeping him warm properly. He now understood why other shops would have thrown him out. He doesn't look inviting and deters customers.


However, the glassy teal-colored eyes didn't go unnoticed by Taehyung either. The young boy had big and sparkling eyes. They were beautiful, just like the boy himself. Taehyung pitied him though. An elementary school kid, shouldn't run around like this.


"No problem. Just take a seat on the other side and get warm. The shop closes in around 2 hours so you have plenty of time." He continues and wanted to show him the way. Just then the boy's stomach was loudly growling.


"You hungry?" Taehyung asked the obvious. "What do you want to eat? We have cake and sandwiches."


"I can't, I don't have any money...." His head hung low.


"Just pay me when you are rich." He chuckled at his own words. He wasn't rich himself, but he figured he could buy the little guy something to eat and a drink as well. The boy obviously was struggling with money and probably didn't get to eat at cafés or anything.


"Really?" the boy asked with a wide smile. "But what if I don't become rich?" he asked worriedly. Taehyung found that cute.


"Then it's also okay, don't worry." Taehyung patted his shoulder. The boy was skinny.


"Thank you very much, mister uh...." The young boy looked at Taehyung's name tag, but couldn't read the letters. "What does it say? What do I call you mister?" he pointed with his finder at the name tag. Taehyung tapped his chin a few times, staring into the air. This was his once in a life time chance think of a cool name for himself. Something like captain.


"Just call me Taehyung."


"Okay mister Daehong! Thank you! My name's Jungkook." he cheered, while mispronouncing Taehyung's name completely. But Taehyung didn't say anything. Jungkook followed Taehyung towards the counter to show him the different foods. The younger went for a piece of strawberry cake and sat on a table not too far away from the counter and near the heater. Taehyung brought him the cake together with the Lemonade he made for himself earlier. Taehyung had to pay for food and beverages himself even though he was working there. Since he didn't have that much money, he couldn't afford making another drink, so he couldn't let Jungkook chose his drink as well. Hopefully he would like it though.


"Here you go. Enjoy the cake. I also brought you something to drink. It's a lemonade, my favorite. Hopefully you like it." He placed everything in front of Jungkook and waited until he tries everything before leaving again.


"The cake tastes yummy!" next he took a sip from the lemonade and grimaced. "it's sour!" Taehyung's face sank at that reaction. The younger obviously didn't like it very much.


"If you don't like it, you can just leave it. You don't have to drink it." He said sympathetic /understandingly.


"No! Mister Daehong bought it for me so I will drink it!" He sounded so enthusiastic it made the older giggle.


"Alright then, I will be at the counter if you need anything. Just leave everything on the table once you finish and leave. I will take care of the rest." Taehyung gave him one final smile and continued working.


Taehyung was busy with other customers and it didn't take long for Jungkook to finish the cake and he could see that he was more or less reluctantly forcing himself to drink the Lemonade. Shortly after, it stopped raining and Jungkook's clothes seemed to have dried as well.


Just when Taehyung said goodbye to some customers, Jungkook suddenly stood in front of his counter, ready to leave.


"Thank you again mister. I promise I will come back when I am rich!" his eyes sparkled as if he knew he would become rich one day. Taehyung used to be hopeful like this as well, but then he became older and learned that life isn't all that easy.


"Then I will wait here until then." He nodded his head and smiled. As if that is going to happen anyway.


Jungkook walked away waving to the older and Taehyung waved back, not expecting to see the poor boy ever again. It was just a good deed he did and he would continue his life normally after today.










-14 years later-


Taehyung straightened his tie one last time before entering Jeon's Cooperation for his job interview. The building was huge and extravagant. Anyone would have great respect just standing in front of the 16-story high building. Taehyung had many job interviews before already, but going to the country's most successful and popular company made even him nervous.


Taehyung tried his luck with this company in hopes of a better salary. He works as an accountant in his current company, but there he had no opportunity for advancement.


The job interview goes smoothly, though they asked some unusual questions that didn't really fit the job profile. But Taehyung figured that a big and overly successful company would have its quirks. At the end of the interview though, the personnel manager mentioned something weird.


"We know we invited you here as an accountant, but we actually need someone for the CEO's assistance. Our CEO Mr. Jeon has currently 2 (one is Yuna) secretaries, but one will take a maternal leave soon. You actually fit the position for Mr. Jeon's secretary very well, so we would like to ask you to do this job instead. However, you could work as an accountant at first in order to learn about the company and then change full time to the CEO office."


That caught him off guard, however it didn't sound too boring though. Working directly for the CEO sounded challenging but also prestigious. Also, he was curious how the infamous Jungkook Jeon would be like.


"What you be my pay and how many hours do I have to work?"


The working load was reasonable, but the salary was triple the amount he got now. There was no way he would decline that offer.










The next few weeks Taehyung was busy finishing his remaining tasks at his old company and prepare for his first steps into his new job. He already received a letter which told him when to be where on his first day.


When the big day finally arrived, he entered the huge building anew and introduced himself as an employee. He then received all the necessary material to get started. He was given a name tag with his department as well as a key card that opened all the doors within the building and elevator. Taehyung was led to the accountant's floor where he met his boss, Namjoon Smith. A tall blonde man with a sturdy figure. They shortly talked and it seemed like Namjoon was an experienced and capable man, demanding but fair. This was something Taehyung could work with.


"So you will work with us for a few weeks until you will work in the 16th floor with our CEO. You will miss your time here." The blonde laughed playfully and introduced Taehyung to the other colleagues. The department was rather big and was equipped with the newest technologies. As expected from the country's most successful company.


Taehyung learned the ropes of his work and the company. All his colleagues were nice and weren't as stuck up as he feared from the prestigious company. The work wasn't much different from his previous company. Taehyung could easily find his way through the system and numbers and work with the others.


Throughout the weeks he spent a lot of time with his colleagues, also in the cafeteria. The food wasn't too bad either. He learned a lot about his colleagues and the company as about the CEO he was working for soon. Apparently, he was a complete jackass and everyone feared him. Which sounded funny to him, given that he is much younger than most of his staff.


"I only saw Mr. Jeon once on the elevator. He has a dark aura and is very rude. Everyone I know says that he is very commanding and punishes every mistake. Apparently, he even enjoys that." Yoongi says at the cafeteria table.


"Well, that doesn't sound like a promising future for me....." Taehyung replied.


"But you work neatly and deliver exceptional results. With you he shouldn't find anything to criticize." Jin added. "But knowing that kid, he probably will nonetheless."


"I'm flattered by your words, but you speak too highly of me. Though, to be honest I wonder how he even got that position. A twenty-year old shouldn't lead a company." Taehyung asked.


"I tell you, that boy got lucky! He married into the Kim' family with 19 and with him the business sky rocketed, and the previous CEO retired early because of him. That Jeon is so full of himself that he even changed the company's name to his name."



"But it also sounds like he has a clever head." Taehyung interjected. "I'll have to see myself in a few weeks."


"You might see him in the elevator and sometimes when he's bored, he wanders around the building just looking into the departments. If that happens, best practice is not looking at him. He will give you a death stare and you can expect some derogatory remark." Yoongi explained further.


"Noted." Taehyung concluded and continued eating his lunch.


He appreciated his colleagues that they were up for trash talking. Taehyung might join them soon after he encountered his future boss. He wasn't afraid, yet. But he also wasn't really looking forward to change departments. He liked his current colleagues. When he moves up to the 16th floor, he will make sure to visit them from time to time and continue eating lunch with them.










Taehyung wore a freshly cleaned suit and clean shoes. Today he would start working as the CEO's secretary. So far, he always exited the elevator on the 9th floor, but now he had to drive until the top floor. Exiting the elevator, the whole floor was basically a big entrance hall with a few leather sofas and two big desks in front of a huge double door, guarding the CEO'S office. Having arrived at his destination he meets the other secretary, Yuna Shin. A woman a few years younger than him, with blue eyes and ginger hair. She was very friendly and nice. She seemed a little clumsy and hectic though. This boss must be the cause for her restlessness. But he would have to find out about that himself.


"Since it's your first day, I will show you the basic things you need to do. Our boss is very demanding and tasks vary from day to day. Forwarding and writing e-mails, preparing business partner visits, organizing his schedule and the list goes on. There are a few rules you need to follow, but you will get the knack of it soon. Mr. Jeon usually comes into the office at around 10am, so he will be here shortly. Until then I will show you some things and how the coffee machine works. Do you also drink coffee?"


"Actually, I prefer tea. But thanks. I will be in your care." Taehyung gave her a short bow and they walked around the floor. There wasn't much to see, but Taehyung should know the general structure when he's working there and has to show guests the way.


It was shortly before 10am and the elevator's ring was heard from their desks. Yuna startled at the sound, knowing who will come now. Taehyung just sat calmly at his desk, already working on some e-mails as instructed by Yuna.


He hears footsteps and loud yawning. His boss turns around a corner and approaches him. Mr. Jeon wears a black suit that perfectly fitted his figure and accents his broad shoulders. A black tie, a white dress shirt and shiny black shoes completing the look. His whole appearance already screamed 'rich'. His short and dark brown hair was stylishly pushed back. Taehyung had to admit, his boss was really attractive.


Mr. Jeon stopped in between his secretaries' desks and stared at Taehyung with a coffee to go in his hand. Now that he stood this close to Taehyung, he could see his teal eyes and Taehyung couldn't get rid of the feeling that he has seen his boss somewhere before. But he didn't think any further/deeper into it. Mr. Jeon was a successful business man, he surely saw him in newspapers or similar.


"So this is the new guy?" The CEO asks while Taehyung stands up to properly greet him.


"Nice to meet you sir, my name is Taehyung Kim. I've been working in the accounting department for many years and it's an honor to work for you." He bowed respectfully and when he straightened his back again, their eyes locked. Mr. Jeon's face was expressionless, but his eyes were speaking for themselves. There was a moment of silence. For some reason he couldn't take his eyes off his boss and apparently neither could he.


Their gazes were intense and Taehyung didn't know what to think of this. Was it tension or anger? Was it suspicion or contempt? Before he could think about it any further, his boss spoke up.


"Yeah, yeah I don't care. I expect the best of my secretaries, so do your work properly and don't annoy me while you're here." He broke their eye contact and dismissed himself and waved him off as he walked into his office.


Taehyung hated to admit it, but his boss' voice was kinda y, which caught him off guard. But he also seemed like a jerk, just like everyone warned him. Taehyung was fuming by the brat's behavior. He was so full of himself and arrogant.


Taehyung already couldn't wait to go home that day.










Over the next weeks Taehyung got learn more about his boss. He grew familiar with the younger's habits, his routines, his schedule, everything. Taehyung followed him into conferences or assisted him. While doing all of this Taehyung learned that Mr. Jeon was indeed a highly capable man. He was relentless and cold with his business partners. He had his eyes on the money, he was direct but also charming in his enunciation. He made his decisions deliberately and he was willing to take risks. Working as his assistant made him realize why the company was doing so well. Under no circumstances would he want to argue with him, he would surely lose that discussion.


Occasionally Mr. Jeon's fiancée, Taeyeon Kim, would visit him in his office. However, whenever he overheard their conversations, they were only talking about business and it seemed to Taehyung that the romance in their relationship already faded away. But who was he to judge that?


He also learned that his boss was a notorious Ediya café visitor. The café chain had a shop nearby the company and since he went there almost every day, all the staff and regulars knew him so they didn't bother that one of the richest men of the country went there to get his drink.


Today, Mr. Jeon wasn't particularly busy and decided to wander around the company building for his usual shenanigans. Taehyung figured that while it indeed seemed like their CEO was just doing this for fun, he actually got a better insight to the departments and saw his employees. To say that Mr. Jeon didn't enjoy the shenanigans would be a lie though.


In the meantime, Taehyung went to the cafeteria and had lunch with his previous colleagues from the accounting department. As always, his colleagues were talking trash about everyone in the company and Taehyung was in for the tea.


"Mr. Jeon was on our floor earlier and he basically made us run around like crazy. As if we don't have anything better to do!"


"Yeah, and he was even laughing while doing that. Namjoon should really lecture him..." Yoongi said. But Taehyung was wondering if he ever saw their boss laugh.


"Anyway, I heard from a friend in the HR department that apparently he has some troubles with his fiancée and that he's cheating on her! Do you guys think he's looking for an older experienced woman? Or maybe he is a hidden e." Jin said, stuffing a huge piece of potato in his mouth.


"I don't think he has time for that. Though I don't know about his fiancée." Taehyung interjected.


"You from all people should know the best." Hoseok laughed.


"He doesn't really talk about his private life, or to me in general. We keep it professional. All I know about him is from you guys." Which was in a way quite sad, considering that Taehyung was closer to Mr. Jeon than almost everyone in the company. He was intrigued by the man, but given that he was that much younger than him, he probably shouldn't get involved with him anyway.


"I see..." Yoongi said. „Anyway, I recently read an article about him and apparently Mr. Jeon actually comes from a poor family and used his charm to achieve wealth. Those gossip magazines really write whatever they want. Mr. Jeon's whole appearance and behavior conjecture that he has always been a wealthy man."


"But it's true that there is no information about his private life. So, who knows...."


They finished their meals and his friends went back to the 9th floor to continue working. Taehyung decided to go to Ediya café instead. He hasn't been there in ages and figured he could get his favorite drink from there. The street was busy with cars and people passing him.


Taehyung opens the shop's door and he sees none other than his boss at the counter talking to the cashier. His whole demeanor seemed completely different from what he was like in the company. He was happy, youthful and had a smile on his face. It was the first time he saw him laugh and it was captivating. Taehyung stood there like a fool staring at his boss a few meters away. However, it didn't seem like he noticed.


"The usual." Mr. Jeon said politely.


"So, a lemonade extra size." The cashier repeated as she pressed some buttons in the register.


Taehyung has seen Mr. Jeon enter his office almost daily with a drink from Ediya and always saw the color of the drink. But only now his brain made the connection as to what it was, he's been drinking all this time. Mr. Jeon might seem like an unlikeable guy, but having the same favorite drink as Taehyung gained him some likeable points for him.


It was a normal interaction, but for some reason Taehyung was yet again left dumbfounded wondering why this moment felt somewhat like a déjà vu.










Sharing the same favorite drink at Ediya café, became like a bonding experience for the two. By chance they went there at the same time and ended up drinking together or going back to the company together, giving them a lot of time to talk. At first it was more like an obligation, acknowledging the other's existence when they saw each other, but after some time the small talk started and grew from then on. However, it didn't change that Mr. Jeon was incredibly demanding in the office. But Taehyung had the feeling that his boss thawed/unbend with him.


It was a normal day and Taehyung sat at his desk on the 16th floor. Yuna was outside for her lunchbreak and his boss in his office. The elevator opened and two young people walked towards him. A boy with chin long blonde hair and nerdy glasses and a girl with black hair and a red muffler. By the way those two were dressed liked, Taehyung wondered how they even made it this far into the building. They looked like normal university students, so they shouldn't have any business on the top floor of this building.


Taehyung remained idle and watched them, as they approached, but was suspicious of them. The blonde looked to Yuna's empty desk and then to Taehyung. The pair stopped in front of Taehyung's desk.


"How may I help you?" Taehyung asks politely.


"We want to go to Jungkook." The girl said in a cold voice. Taehyung didn't have to check Mr. Jeon's schedule to know that there was a locked window as of now in there. Taehyung narrowed his eyes. For some reason he felt like he had to protect his boss. But maybe there was something else that made him uncomfortable.


"Just say it's Jimin and Ryujin." The blonde calmy says. Reluctantly, Taehyung grabbed his telephone and pressed the button that would directly connect him with his boss. It didn't take long for him to pick up the phone.


"What?" he sounded very annoyed.


"You have visitors sir."


"Huh? Who is it?"


"Uh, their names are Jimin and-" Before he could finish his sentence he got cut off.


"Let them in." His voice stern and he immediately hung up on him.


Taehyung then gestured the pair to enter the CEO's office. The boy smiled and gave him a small bow while the girl just ignored him and walked towards the door with a bored look on her face. He looked over his shoulder and saw them enter and heard them talking. He was curious and rolled with his chair closer to the door to eavesdr

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